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Nansen CEO Six Key Trends Shaping the Future of Cryptocurrency

The six major trends include the gradual integration of traditional finance and cryptocurrencies; the gradual popularization of physical NFTs, and so on.

Reviewing the rise of the BASE chain On-chain marketing may be the best way, with no possibility of airdropping new public chains.

Looking back at the development of the past three months, Base has experienced at least four significant events that are worthy of being recorded…

Interpreting the fault-tolerant system to be launched by OP Stack Taking inspiration from Ethereum, a major step towards decentralized technology.

In this article, we will explore the principle of decentralization in society, as well as how the L2 architecture enables Layer 2 to extend…

Weekly Overview of the Cryptocurrency Market (09.16-09.22) TON is on fire, will the crypto market see a bottoming rebound?

This week, the market rebound entered the second half, and the BTC dominance rate increased. After receiving recognition from Telegram, the public chain TON…

Exploring Aragon Pioneering DAO Infrastructure, Exploring Decentralized Governance

Today, we begin to delve into one of the largest DAO frameworks, Aragon, which serves as the foundational infrastructure for a complete implementation of…

Binance Research Interprets OP Stack The Weapon for Optimism to Compete for the King of Layer2 in the Superchain Era

This article delves into the OP Stack and hyperchain theory, and then explores the evolving OP Stack ecosystem, including Base, Zora Network, DeBank Chain,…

Cosmos&Polkadot V.S. Layer2 Stacks Chapter 3 From Layer 2 Networks to Super Chains

After sorting out the technical solutions, token value, and ecosystem of CP and Layer 2 Stacks in the previous section, we have provided corresponding…

How Base can sustain growth after a $400 million incentive plan

In just one month, Base, a blockchain built by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, has become one of the hottest parts of the crypto ecosystem.

UniswapX is suspected of plagiarism, is CowSwap the future form of Intent’s DEX?

From the background of birth, to mechanism interpretation, data performance, and the 9 product differences with UniswapX and 1inch fusion, let's explore what CoWSwap…

Friend.tech Deep Report Analyzing various indicators, why can the valuation reach $1.5 billion?

Review the explosive growth of Friend.tech, the expected airdrop, estimated valuation, possible death spiral, and the top ten risks present.

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