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An Introduction to XION, the New Member of the Cosmos Family Building a Modular Account Abstraction Layer with USDC as the Native Token

XION aims to establish a network that allows users to be unaware of the blockchain and supports consumer products through support for USDC.

Unveiling the Manipulator Behind the Myth of PEPE’s Thousand-fold Miracle Pumps and Dumps Rug Pull Project Funds, Now Purchasing Luxury Cars and Mansions.

Recently, a user named NFTethics on X platform (formerly Twitter) published multiple lengthy articles, identifying the true identity of the manipulator behind PEPE through…

Music LeGao Explaining Web3 Music in Plain Language

The concept of 'Money Legos' is becoming popular in the crypto community, and I believe that the Web3 music industry is also in the…

Long Push Solana’s Past, Present, and Future

Yvonne Note The original article is from @nansen_ai...

NFT market hits rock bottom, Yuga Labs restructures betting game.

Yuga Labs NFT, NFT market freezing point. Yuga Labs reorganizes the betting game LianGuai. How cold has the NFT market become, known all over…

The first year of cryptocurrencies after the FTX scandal ‘Very miserable

The turbulence in the cryptocurrency market and the collapse of FTX exchange have had far-reaching impacts on the industry. Many people feel disappointed and…

Nansen CEO Six Key Trends Shaping the Future of Cryptocurrency

The six major trends include the gradual integration of traditional finance and cryptocurrencies; the gradual popularization of physical NFTs, and so on.

Legal Analysis of Possible Embezzlement by Employees of a Digital Collectibles Company

Embezzlement is the most common criminal risk in the workplace in the past decade, and it is also the most effective deterrent weapon for…

Pudgy Penguins founder responds to community doubts After 8 years of entrepreneurship, the goal is to create the first Web3 mass brand by acquiring Pudgy Penguins.

Founder of Fat Penguins Talks About Entrepreneurial Journey From Dropping Out of School to Top NFT Brand Builder

Pudgy Penguin CEO accused of acquiring funds from a Rug project, community comments This is FUD sponsored by Yuga Labs.

On October 7th, Horlomite Research, dedicated to exposing the largest fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency and financial fields, posted several dynamic updates on social…

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