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Web 3 in Internet Industry Transformation

Organized the investment and financing situation of the Web3 industry in 2022, and interviewed practitioners in the Web3 industry.

Trump’s NFT debut earned $4.35 million and 45,000 NFTs were sold out within 18 hours

Trump's first NFT was sold out quickly. While it was selling well, he has ridiculed by other crowds.

Luxury fashion brand layout NFT market, is it to follow the trend or the next outlet?

Despite the approaching Crypto winter, luxury brands such as Gucci and Tiffany continue to penetrate the NFT market. However, the NFT floor price continues…

How long before the NFT platform wars erupt and the crown of OpenSea wears?

An NFT platform war is emerging. According to the data, the lead of OpenSea, the market leader of NFT, continues to shrink. As of…

30% apple tax on NFT

On October 24th Apple updated its App Store policy, which allows users to view their NFT Holdings but prohibits them from using it to…

looking at the future of multi-chain aggregation from the perspective of globalization

Introduction The future of Web3 must be multi-chain, the next cycle of the narrative, but also around the chain of high-quality applications built up…

FIFA has found a new way to make money at the NFT World Cup

FIFA announced Crypto.com as the World Cup's official sponsor

120 Charts: the state of Web3 and digital assets as of Q4 2022

We start with Bitcoin. As of July 2022, a billion bitcoin wallets have been created. Of these, some 42 million have a non-zero balance.…

Ant whale probe online custom-made clothing and decorative paintings, physical custom is the future of digital collections?

In the complex environment where the head platform is not open and the small and medium-sized platforms are mixed with fish and dragons, can…

Starbucks has joined the NFT in trying to leverage new growth with web 3

Starbucks has unveiled its new membership system, Starbucks Odyssey, which will allow customers to buy and obtain "Digital stamps” in the form of NFT,…

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