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The mysterious disappearance of former Alameda CEO, SBF’s high school close friend Trabucco, may have been an important informant in the FTX case.

The man who escaped before FTX went bankrupt disappeared from the public eye for nearly a year and may testify against SBF in court.…

Former girlfriend of SBF reveals explosive information SBF’s ambitions and how he manipulates FTX and Alameda.

Ellison's testimony is crucial in the SBF case SBF instructed him to commit crimes; SBF wanted to become the President of the United States;…

The Block An Inventory of 5 Innovative Projects Worth Paying Attention to

Promising emerging projects include derivative protocols, governance platforms, and infrastructure, among others.

Long Push Solana’s Past, Present, and Future

Yvonne Note The original article is from @nansen_ai...

The first year of cryptocurrencies after the FTX scandal ‘Very miserable

The turbulence in the cryptocurrency market and the collapse of FTX exchange have had far-reaching impacts on the industry. Many people feel disappointed and…

SBF Trial Highlights in the First Week Betrayal, Biography, Jury, and Witnesses

For SBF, this is a difficult first week, as government prosecutors have taken away some key witnesses who have portrayed Sam as a villain.

Shenzhen University’s 50 million yuan gifted donor raises many doubts Suspected of having delusions, claiming to be the FTX trading director and a Stanford MBA intern at McKinsey & Company.

The next Pony Ma? Recently, Zhang Yufeng, a graduate of Shenzhen University who has only been out of school for one year, made headlines…

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