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The Attack and Defense Strategy of Pan-Entertainment Web3 Project Combining Cutting-edge AI Technology to Enhance Its Playability

At the EDGE Summit, LianGuaiNews interviewed two web3 projects in the broad entertainment category, exploring how they are driving iterative innovation in traditional gameplay,…

What are Dispute Games? Modular games designed for the OP Stack fault-tolerant mechanism.

One of the most interesting components of the OP Stack Fault Prevention Mechanism (FPS) is its Dispute Games. In his article, Huff contributor Vex…

A quick overview of the Sui Liquidity Staking Hackathon shortlisted projects

LSD and LSDFi, two tracks with six teams each, successfully advanced to the Demo Day of the hackathon. Let's get to know them.

Discussion on the Integration of Indian Gaming and Web3 Technology

Web3 technology is expected to promote the development of the gaming industry towards decentralization, allowing game players to participate and benefit more effectively.

Ten Thousand Word Research Report Design Principles, Required Elements, and Four Related Schemes of Intent Centralized Architecture

Author YBB Capital; Translator LianGuaicryptonaitive Preface The user experience problem of Web3 has always been one of the reasons why blockchain is difficult to…

Delphi Digital Where are the opportunities in Web3 mobile games’

The more native the experience, the higher the chance of retaining players or converting players into blockchain users.

Exploring Aragon Pioneering DAO Infrastructure, Exploring Decentralized Governance

Today, we begin to delve into one of the largest DAO frameworks, Aragon, which serves as the foundational infrastructure for a complete implementation of…

Binance Research Interprets OP Stack The Weapon for Optimism to Compete for the King of Layer2 in the Superchain Era

This article delves into the OP Stack and hyperchain theory, and then explores the evolving OP Stack ecosystem, including Base, Zora Network, DeBank Chain,…

Cosmos&Polkadot V.S. Layer2 Stacks Chapter 3 From Layer 2 Networks to Super Chains

After sorting out the technical solutions, token value, and ecosystem of CP and Layer 2 Stacks in the previous section, we have provided corresponding…

Is the concept of ‘full-chain gaming’ really the direction of the future?

Gamefi, is the full-chain gaming really the direction of the future? LianGuai, eight questions about full-chain gaming.

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