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Cosmos&Polkadot V.S. Layer2 Stacks Chapter 3 From Layer 2 Networks to Super Chains

After sorting out the technical solutions, token value, and ecosystem of CP and Layer 2 Stacks in the previous section, we have provided corresponding…

MoonLianGuaiy Harbor Treasure Hunt Activity Introduction How to integrate NFT with the real world?

At the end of August, cryptocurrency payment provider MoonLianGuaiy partnered with real estate developer The Howard Hughes Corp to launch a Web3 offline treasure…

Learning from Ryan Wyatt’s Thoughts Key Strategies for Building the Web3 Brand

Ryan Wyatt, former President of Polygon Labs, recently shared his experience in brand building at an event hosted by Variant Fund.

Southeast Asian Didi Grab Launches Web3 Wallet Based on the Polygon blockchain, capable of storing and transferring NFTs.

After Starbucks and Reddit, another traditional giant, Grab, is experimenting with Web3 business based on the Polygon blockchain.

To attract more developers, Polygon has launched the CDK.

Last week, Polygon Labs released a software tool called Chain Development Kit (CDK), which allows developers to build zero-knowledge proof-supported L2 solutions on Ethereum.

Polygon version of OP Stack is here? Polygon official interpretation of what is Polygon CDK.

Polygon official article explains what is Polygon CDK? Why choose Polygon CDK? How does the CDK chain adapt to the entire Polygon 2.0 ecosystem?

The Endgame for zkSync AMA with Alex, Co-founder and CEO of Matter Labs

Original Title The Endgame for zkSync AMA with Alex, Co-founder and CEO of Matter Labs Original Author IGNAS | DEFI RESEARCH Original Text ...

Understanding MEV through on-chain data and transactions

More intuitive MEV profit process Original author Ye & Kan, Sentio Original translation LeoMEV Robot attacks are common in DeFi, but many people...

DappRadar claims that Ordinals’ trading volume has dropped by 97% and refutes three points of its errors.

Recently, the author from DappRadar published a popular article about Ordinals, stating that the transaction volume of Ordinals has decreased by 97% since May,…

DeGods trading volume surged, but the floor price was slashed. What happened after the release of the third quarter NFT?

In recent days, DeGods experienced a surge in trading volume after the second-generation project y00ts announced its migration to Ethereum. However, at the same…

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