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7 metrics that prove why Polygon’s value is underestimated

Is the 68% gap between MATIC's price and ATH a signal to continue falling or a good buying opportunity? Crypto researcher Finish uses 7…

Understanding Polygon’s Four ZK Solutions: What Are Their Characteristics and Advantages?

Considering scalability, Polygon sees the potential of ZK in bringing the next billion users into the blockchain space and has invested $1 billion to…

From virtual to reality: “Fat Penguin” NFT launches physical and digital toys, opening up new ideas for IP operations

On May 18th, Pudgy Penguins released Pudgy Toys and Pudgy World, gradually expanding their consumer base through IP derivatives and casual games.

How has the development of Polygon’s zkEVM ecosystem progressed in the two months since its launch?

This article is written by encryption researcher 2Lambroz.eth, mainly discussing the current Dapps and on-chain asset overview on Polygon zkEVM, as well as potential…

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