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Blockchain technology is advancing rapidly, Ethereum, Decentralized Finance and the Metaverse are changing the world

Understanding Mina Protocol The Lightest Layer1 Public Chain in the World Based on Zero-knowledge Proof Technology

Mina Protocol is a succinct blockchain based on Zero Knowledge Proof technology, aiming to provide efficient, secure, and privacy-preserving decentralized applications (DApps).

Selected Weekly | Mixin Hacked for 200 Million USD; Crypto Practitioners Donate 50 Million RMB to Shenzhen University, Attracting Attention; Celestia Launches Airdrop Plan and Economic Model.

Mixin, a well-known wallet, was stolen 200 million US dollars. Cryptocurrency KOLs such as Li Xiaolai endorsed it. Cryptocurrency practitioners donated 50 million yuan…

An In-depth Explanation of Celestia Airdrop and Economic Model How Will the Future Project Airdrop Evolve?

Interpretation of Celestia's airdrop method, economic model, and a preview of the eligibility for airdrops of subsequent projects. Written by Wu Hai. On the…

TON Rebirth A Brief History of Creation, Technological Advancement, and Future Outlook

TON is not just for obtaining funds, but for building a decentralized, secure, and reliable Internet.

Interpreting the fault-tolerant system to be launched by OP Stack A major step towards decentralized technology inspired by Ethereum

This article explores the principle of decentralization in society, and how the L2 architecture enables Layer 2 to expand this principle to include proof…

Interpreting the fault-tolerant system to be launched by OP Stack Taking inspiration from Ethereum, a major step towards decentralized technology.

In this article, we will explore the principle of decentralization in society, as well as how the L2 architecture enables Layer 2 to extend…

Discussion on the Integration of Indian Gaming and Web3 Technology

Web3 technology is expected to promote the development of the gaming industry towards decentralization, allowing game players to participate and benefit more effectively.

Understanding the Intent-Centric Architecture that Focuses on Results Only

Intent is still full of risks and challenges in its execution process. It relies on intermediaries or specific executors, which leads to the risks…

Why does Binance Wallet consume gas like crazy? Exploring the technical and security factors behind it.

Whenever something unusual happens, it is always the rumors that come first, not to mention the conspiracy theory behind the astronomical fine. Everyone is…

In-depth analysis of the application of zero-knowledge proof technology the third major technological revolution in the history of blockchain development.

Introduce the application scenarios, working principles, current developments, and future trends of zero-knowledge proofs, in order to help readers without technical backgrounds understand the…

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