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An Introduction to XION, the New Member of the Cosmos Family Building a Modular Account Abstraction Layer with USDC as the Native Token

XION aims to establish a network that allows users to be unaware of the blockchain and supports consumer products through support for USDC.

Relationship between Monolithic Blockchain and Modular Blockchain Ecosystem Like the binary stars of Tatooine, equal and coexistent.

Both standalone blockchain and modular blockchain have their own merits, and there is no sharp opposition as portrayed in public opinion.

Interpreting the Interchain Stack’s 2024 Roadmap What Prospects of Cosmos Are Worth Anticipating?

The series of technical solutions developed by the Cosmos development team has always been highly welcomed by Web3 development teams. Whether it is Cosmos…

What other tricks does Cosmos have? Interpreting the Interchain Stack 2024 Roadmap

Under the CometBFT consensus mechanism, the chain is customizable, with connections to Ethereum, Avalanche, NEAR, and Polkadot's parallel chains through IBC. Cosmos, the universe,…

From adversity to prosperity? Bitcoin Halving & Cycle Analysis in 2024

Cryptocurrencies have gone through three turbulent bull and bear cycles, and Bitcoin has also surpassed $1 trillion for the first time in 2021. In…

Cosmos&Polkadot V.S. Layer2 Stacks Chapter 3 From Layer 2 Networks to Super Chains

After sorting out the technical solutions, token value, and ecosystem of CP and Layer 2 Stacks in the previous section, we have provided corresponding…

Secondary Market Observation Up 300% in a month, what changes have occurred in Bluzelle’s short-term funding situation?

Bluzelle (BLZ) is a decentralized data management system. Its main goal is to provide tools, resources, and technological capabilities for storing and managing data.…

Cosmos, Solana, and Optimism The Path of Blockchain Integration

Ethan Buchman, Anatoly Yakovenko, and Ben Jones share their views on the integration of blockchain technology.

Interpreting the Impact of the Launch of the Cosmos Liquidity Staking Module through 5 Key Questions

The Cosmos Liquidity Staking Module (LSM) will be launched tomorrow. IBCL founder web3crypto.eth has interpreted the impact of LSM on the internal and external…

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