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Decentralized option vault inventory: Ribbon Finance Shield Friktion

Decentralized Option Vault (DOV) is a package option strategy that converts the volatility of the underlying asset into an option fee, which is the…

Top 5 Web3 Trends

This article proposes 5 Web3 trends, hoping to help everyone understand Web3 better

Luxury fashion brand layout NFT market, is it to follow the trend or the next outlet?

Despite the approaching Crypto winter, luxury brands such as Gucci and Tiffany continue to penetrate the NFT market. However, the NFT floor price continues…

Top 10 Takeaways From FTX’s Bankruptcy File

SBF no longer works for FTX and can not speak for the group. Gambling chain FTX’s new CEO, John Ray III, submitted a document…

What did regulators say after the collapse of the FTX?

The fallout from the FTX earthquake is spreading across the world. In addition to the known FTX funding gap of $8 billion, affected by…

Which NFT projects will be affected by the FTX thunderstorm

I spent some time researching which NFT projects were severely affected by the FTX incident, and which projects were not. The results were mixed.…

Changpeng Zhao: FTX’s near-collapse “severely shakes” confidence in the cryptocurrency industry

Binance chief Changpeng Zhao said a day after plotting a bailout of the cryptocurrency exchange’s rival, FTX’s near collapse had “severely shaken” confidence in…

200 million dollars vanished! Sequoia Capital wrote down its FTX assets to 0, and BlackRock and SoftBank also stepped on the thunder

A direct write-down by Sequoia may indicate that the company has lost faith in FTX, believing that there is no other clear path to…

Binance abandoned the acquisition of FTX because the capital hole was too large?

Apparently, the”Fight of the gods” has put bitcoin holders around the world through a psychological test. “Rescue attempt”, will lead to FTX accelerated fall,…

Discover where AIGC meets Web 3 gaming

Explore the intersection of AIGC and WEB3 games: How Does Ai tell the story of a WEB3 game? The Crypto market has been a…

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