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An Introduction to XION, the New Member of the Cosmos Family Building a Modular Account Abstraction Layer with USDC as the Native Token

XION aims to establish a network that allows users to be unaware of the blockchain and supports consumer products through support for USDC.

The mysterious disappearance of former Alameda CEO, SBF’s high school close friend Trabucco, may have been an important informant in the FTX case.

The man who escaped before FTX went bankrupt disappeared from the public eye for nearly a year and may testify against SBF in court.…

Perfectly Replicating the Ethereum Ecosystem onto the Bitcoin Network? Exploring the Application Scenarios and Limitations of BitVM

The core idea of the BitVM proposal is that through the taproot address matrix or taptree, various program instructions similar to binary circuits are…

Conquest.eth Stake to Play mode, a perpetual and permissionless diplomatic strategy game.

What unique gameplay does this game, which is similar to The Dark Forest, have? Why couldn't it achieve the same level of influence as…

Vitalik Why I built Zuzalu

This article is Vitalik's first-person perspective discussion on an experimental community called Zuzalu, which aims to transform online culture and tribes into physical places…

The Attack and Defense Strategy of Pan-Entertainment Web3 Project Combining Cutting-edge AI Technology to Enhance Its Playability

At the EDGE Summit, LianGuaiNews interviewed two web3 projects in the broad entertainment category, exploring how they are driving iterative innovation in traditional gameplay,…

Everything you need to know about BitVM core advantages, potential issues, and market discussions

Bob Bodily, a cryptography researcher, wrote an article sharing his views on BitVM and summarized and analyzed the comments on BitVM in the market.

Tencent ShuZang suspends operations, players have no way to protect their rights

The platform withdraws and leaves players with nothing. Initially, they were digital collectibles with cultural connotations and value for collection, but now they have…

Boom of cannons, ten thousand ounces of gold? A guide to encrypted investments in the midst of geopolitical turmoil

Apart from the war concept coin skyrocketing, the safe-haven attribute of Bitcoin has become mystical, and its price trend is more closely related to…

New Project Outlook | Reserve Creating a Stable Asset-Backed Currency to Combat Inflation

Reserve is a free and permissionless platform that allows the creation of asset-backed currencies called RTokens. RTokens are always backed by a basket of…

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