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Vitalik at EDCON Montenegro: Opportunities and Challenges for Ethereum

At this year's opening ceremony of Montenegro EDCON, Vitalik delivered a keynote speech as usual, elaborating his thoughts on the blockchain industry and Ethereum…

Evening Must-read | Hong Kong’s new anti-money laundering regulations come into effect, compliance key points fully sorted

5 Must-Read Articles of the Evening: 1. The Origin and Development of ZKP: From the 1980s to Today; 2. Comprehensive Analysis of .sats Domain…

7 metrics that prove why Polygon’s value is underestimated

Is the 68% gap between MATIC's price and ATH a signal to continue falling or a good buying opportunity? Crypto researcher Finish uses 7…

Reviewing the history of stablecoin crashes and analyzing the potential risks of USDT

Is USDT a sword of Damocles hanging over cryptocurrency traders?

How did I find the whale address that earned 50 times in 3 days?

Discovering the next hundredfold coin by standing on the shoulders of giants. Written by Dami-Defi and translated by little bear. In the crypto market,…

Discussing the Dilemma of Crypto VC through the Betrayal of the Blockingradigm

Blockingradigm's expansion into AI has sparked criticism in the industry for their diversification strategy. Regarding Blockingradigm's proactive "paradigm shift", Mindao, co-founder of dForce, believes…

Wu’s Weekly Mining News 0522-0528

1. During the activation period of Dash Core v19, there was an issue that caused no blocks to be generated. The issue is currently…

Can Epic Games’ expansion of their game ecosystem catalyze the next bull market for blockchain games?

Developer Epic Games, the creator of "Fortnite," is about to launch two NFT-based games on its marketplace: Project Red and Defimons. Crypto researcher MANI…

Chart Data Mining: What caused Avalanche’s user growth to increase by 154% from the beginning of the year until now?

The daily active users of Avalanche have continuously reached historic highs in the past 6 months with no signs of slowing down. What is…

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