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UK regulation is becoming increasingly stringent, where will crypto companies go?

On the issue of government regulation, on the one hand, the cryptocurrency market is relatively small compared to the entire financial system. It is…

Coinbase discloses its own case How hackers broke through layer by layer through social engineering

Compilation | GaryMa Wu said the original link of the blockchain https//www.coinbase.com/blog/social-engineering-a-coinbase-case-study summary...

Zimbabwe Buy cars with BTC, send money to family

How will BTC change this highly inflationary African small country when it enters Zimbabwe?

5 key points of Ethereum’s merger one year later energy consumption reduced by 99%, centralization issues still persist

Although the Ethereum merge has reduced energy consumption by 99.9%, centralization issues still exist in MEV and derivative liquidity mining. In the months since…

Coinbase 55% of voters in four states in the United States oppose presidential candidates who do not support Web3.

Coinbase stated that a survey conducted among voters in New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania found that 55% of people are unlikely to vote…

How Base can sustain growth after a $400 million incentive plan

In just one month, Base, a blockchain built by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, has become one of the hottest parts of the crypto ecosystem.

Why is Coinbase so obsessed with the concept of the stablecoin Flatcoin, which aims to combat inflation?

Brian Armstrong tweeted about his top ten favorite crypto tracks, with Flatcoin ranking first.

Will the SEC target cryptocurrency wallets?

Cryptocurrencies have become 'non-compliant', especially their 'business models', at least according to Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).…

Next target of SEC enforcement action – cryptocurrency wallets?

Source Coindesk Author Law firm Troutman Pepper Compiled by LianGuaiBitpushNews Mary Liu Cryptocurrencies are no longer compliant, especially their commercial...

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