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The Most Anticipated L2 ZK-Rollup——zkSync In-Depth Research Report

zkSync is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that uses Zero Knowledge rollup technology to solve the current problem of Ethereum, that is, scalability. Developed by Matter Labs since 2019,…

What’s Layer3? Discover the evolution of Layer1 to Layer3 in this article

What’s Layer3? Evolution since Layer1 When we talk about blockchain, most of the keywords that come to mind are: decentralized, highly decentralized, free to…

From concept to landing Web3.0 takes shape

The concept of Web3.0 first appeared in 2014. The system will contain a series of open-source protocols that can provide building blocks for application…

Find the right Blockchain Investment for you

Web 3.0 is coming, whether buy Coins, NFTs or just Coding, everyone can participate.

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