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Relationship between Monolithic Blockchain and Modular Blockchain Ecosystem Like the binary stars of Tatooine, equal and coexistent.

Both standalone blockchain and modular blockchain have their own merits, and there is no sharp opposition as portrayed in public opinion.

Interpreting the Interchain Stack’s 2024 Roadmap What Prospects of Cosmos Are Worth Anticipating?

The series of technical solutions developed by the Cosmos development team has always been highly welcomed by Web3 development teams. Whether it is Cosmos…

How to value Celestia, the modular blockchain leader, in the race for the DA layer business with Ethereum?

Like other L1 tokens, the value of TIA token comes from the current transaction demand and all future expected transaction demands.

An In-depth Explanation of Celestia Airdrop and Economic Model How Will the Future Project Airdrop Evolve?

Interpretation of Celestia's airdrop method, economic model, and a preview of the eligibility for airdrops of subsequent projects. Written by Wu Hai. On the…

What other projects are worth paying attention to in addition to Celestia’s coin airdrop and modular blockchain?

Modular blockchain has always been a technology route that has received much attention in the encryption industry since its birth. What are the latest…

Exclusive Interview with Celestia Co-founder Without Celestia, Ethereum cannot scale Rollup.

This article features an interview with Nick White, co-founder and COO of Celestia, exploring the relationship between Celestia and Ethereum, as well as the…

Cosmos&Polkadot V.S. Layer2 Stacks Chapter 1 Comprehensive Overview of Technical Solutions

What kind of collision and sparks will happen between the pioneer of the whole-chain network, CP (Cosmos & Polkadot), and the flourishing L2s?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Ethereum as a layer2 scalability solution?

The core difference between OP and ZK Rollup lies in the verification method of data state accuracy, while the adoption of third-party modular DA…

Stanford Blockchain Weekly Summary of Theoretical Practicality, ZK, Modularization, and Current Development Status of Bitcoin Ecosystem

In this article, we will explore three key cryptographic trends of the week and what they mean for the overall industry development.

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