IDO&IEO An Overview of Eight Upcoming Hot Projects

Prediction markets and blockchain games are making a comeback.

This week, Odaily selected a list of 8 projects that will be launched on multiple platforms soon, and provided a brief introduction for each. In addition, we recommend reading “August First Wave”, “July Fourth Wave”, “July Third Wave”, “July Second Wave”, “July First Wave”, “June Fourth Wave”, “June Third Wave”, “June Second Wave”, “June First Wave”, “May Fourth Wave”, “May Third Wave”, “May Second Wave”, “May First Wave”, “April Fifth Wave”, “April Fourth Wave”, “April Third Wave”, “April Second Wave”, “April First Wave”.

Project Name: Savvy


Description: Savvy is a decentralized lending protocol on Arbitrum. Borrowers can borrow without interest and without monthly repayments, and receive upfront payments of collateral future earnings. Savvy allows users to borrow credit lines and maintain overcollateralization regardless of price fluctuations, eliminating liquidation risk.

In addition to interest-free credit lines (or loans) that decrease over time as collateral earns returns, users can deposit eligible base tokens related to USD, ETH, or BTC and borrow synthetic tokens or svTokens in the same account unit (e.g., svUSD, svETH, svBTC) on Savvy. These svTokens can be used in DeFi applications or traded for underlying assets. Borrowers earn returns through deposits and automatically repay debt. Savvy is an innovative form of open finance and a secure and reliable form of leverage.

Public Offering Details: Savvy will launch an LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) on Fjord Foundry from August 8th to August 11th, selling SVI tokens. For details, click:

Project Name: Pinkvote


Description: Pinkvote is a website for voting, listing, trading, and information about cryptocurrencies. Its mission is to expand the adoption of cryptocurrencies and help new investors find the next potential gem. PinkVote operates on multiple blockchain networks with unique and game-changing features, and has a large user base worldwide with extensive interactions with the application every day. PinkVote helps retail investors discover the latest NFTs, communities, and DeFi projects, understand trends, and explore active Airdrops through its innovative services such as Upvotes, Airdrops, and NFT marketplaces.

Public Offering Details: Pinkvote will conduct IDO on August 10th on Pinksale, selling tokens PIT at a unit price of $0.01. Click for details: chain=BSC&

Project Name: Syntrum


Description: Syntrum is a blockchain ecosystem designed to provide seamless access to dApps, web3 tools, and blockchain infrastructure for users, builders, and projects. As an all-in-one platform, users can conveniently access various internal and third-party web3 products. By equipping these users with necessary tools and technologies, while fostering an incentive-driven environment, Syntrum enables them to expand their capabilities, actively participate, and collaborate with each other. This dynamic ecosystem helps drive widespread adoption of blockchain-based technologies and products.

Syntrum employs a unique Proof of Stake Access (PoSA) and Proof of Value (PoV) consensus mechanism to achieve gasless transactions, while eliminating network spam and real-time multi-network synchronization through its network mirroring technology. This enables seamless interoperability between decentralized applications on different blockchains without the need for Layer 2 bridging solutions. With Syntrum’s blockchain, applications can achieve real-time interoperability without the need to deploy on multiple chains, allowing users to enjoy the functionality of any dApp without moving their crypto assets.

Public Offering Details: Syntrum will conduct a public offering on its official website starting from August 10th, selling tokens SYT at a unit price of $0.04. Click for details:

Project Name: Moonx


Description: Moonx is a Mars exploration metaverse game where players can experience thrilling space journeys and earn token rewards. Players can also trade NFTs and collectibles on Moonx’s decentralized marketplace.

Public Offering Details: Moonx will conduct IDO on August 12th on Pinksale, selling tokens MX at a unit price of $0.25. Click for details: chain=BSC

Project Name: Jellyfish Mobile


Description: Jellyfish Mobile is a Web3-based MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that redefines mobile communications. By using Web3 wallet addresses instead of traditional phone numbers, it ensures user ownership and prevents SIM swap attacks. It can also offline protect cryptocurrencies through self-service cold wallets on SIM cards.

Public Offering Details: Jellyfish Mobile will conduct an IDO on p2p b2b on August 13th, selling tokens JFUSH at a unit price of $0.01. For more details, click:

Project Name: Ninja Warriors

Official website:

Introduction: Ninja Warriors is a Play-To-Earn (P2E) and Move-To-Earn (M2E) project, whose main goal is to improve people’s financial and health conditions through interesting martial arts. Players will own their own ninja warriors, and each character will be issued as a unique NFT, which players can use to earn token incentives.

Public Offering Details: Ninja Warriors will conduct an IDO on Latoken on August 15th, selling tokens NWT at a unit price of $0.023. For more details, click:

Project Name: Crickto

Official website:

Introduction: Crickto is a decentralized prediction platform that allows players to enjoy the best sports games and provides services such as sports market predictions and NFT art collections.

Public Offering Details: Crickto will conduct a public offering on its official website on August 16th, selling tokens at a unit price of $0.012. For more details, click:

Project Name: Acara

Official website:

Introduction: Acara is a digital sovereignty platform that combines social, prediction, and gaming elements. Through smart contracts and oracles, it supports predictions of hotly debated events in the world (such as politics, economy, current affairs, entertainment, sports, etc.). Users can launch a variety of gaming activities and publish on-chain social content as game issuers, and earn profits by adding liquidity mining.

Public Offering Details: Acara officially announced that the first round of IDO will be held at 22:00 Eastern Time on August 18th, with a subscription quota of 2% of the total amount of tokens ACR.


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