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Bitcoin Approaching Halving Event, Analysts Speculate on Price Trend

Less than six months away from the next scheduled halving event in early April next year, this has sparked speculation among analysts about its…

Bitcoin’s new proposal BitVM interpretation Bitcoin Turing complete without the need for fork

BitVM will introduce arbitrary Turing-complete computation into Bitcoin in an executable manner, in real time.

Is Grayscale’s September report too optimistic? A study of Bitcoin’s on-chain performance in September.

In early October, Grayscale pointed out in its monthly market report that Bitcoin performed strongly in September compared to traditional assets, highlighting the diversification…

Zhao Changpeng BTC price will not double overnight after halving, but may reach multiple historical highs in a year.

In the year after the halving, the price of Bitcoin touched multiple ATHs (all-time highs). People ask why? Because people have short memories. It…

In 2 years and 9 months of entering the circle, BTC spot has lost 50%.

BTC, investment, 2 years and 9 months in the circle, BTC spot has lost 50%. LianGuai, 2 years and 9 months in the circle,…

The ‘suffocating’ cryptocurrency market in September Dare not buy the dip, only dare to invest regularly.

The primary contradiction in the market is still the lack of funds, which cannot be resolved at present. The monthly report metaphorically describes our…

Can Bitcoin Dominate the World? Famous Podcast Says So

In a recent episode of the world-famous podcast 'The Joe Rogan Experience', Joe Rogan made a bold assertion about the most talked-about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Ordinals gameplay upgraded again, both speculation and artistry flourish.

Is the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem transitioning from a 'casino' back to an 'art gallery'?

Bitcoin Inscriptions and Serial Numbers Important Data, Impact on Bitcoin, and Latest Developments

Bitcoin has become an important platform in the NFT field, driving the development and innovation of digital collectibles through innovative technologies such as ordinals…

Web3 Payment Thousand-word Research Report Giants Launch a Full-scale Attack, How to Reshape the Cryptocurrency Market Structure?

This article will briefly outline the concept and path of Web3 payments, and then analyze why Web3 payments are expected to reshape the landscape…

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