Weekly Selection | Highlights of the Ethereum Black Summit; Panic over US debt ceiling temporarily suspended; Worldcoin completes $100 million financing, how to achieve its grand ambitions?

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Get to know Worldcoin first

Video | Worldcoin conquers the world with airdrops: Sam Altman’s disruptive global currency!

Worldcoin is conquering the world with airdrops to a billion people! What is the world coin proposed by Sam Altman, the father of ChatGPT? In just one year, the project’s valuation has tripled, and it is now poised to raise $100 million in funding. Is it really trying to benefit the world, or is it trying to cut the world’s leeks? Let’s take a closer look in today’s video.

In-depth: The ups and downs of Worldcoin, can AI-era UBI economics come true?

In Worldcoin’s plan, encryption technology, ZKP, and AI technology are not mutually exclusive options, but the next-generation network technology that can be combined with each other. The premise of all this is the need for sufficient users to generate sufficient user data to enrich the use cases of tokens and ultimately support productivity. Progress to meet the operational needs of UBI.

In the crypto winter, why can Worldcoin raise $100 million in funding?

Worldcoin may not be the perfect product, and in the short term, it still faces many problems, challenges, and even crises, but undoubtedly, it is currently the most potential crypto application with the potential to stand out.

Macro perspective

V God’s latest article: Keep minimalism and avoid Ethereum consensus overload

We should maintain the minimalism of the chain, support the use of re-staking, rather than expanding the role of Ethereum consensus like a landslide, and help developers find alternative strategies to achieve their security goals.

Multiple macro negative factors hit the market, and Bitcoin fell below $26,000 in a short time

The 24-hour Bitcoin price analysis chart shows that Bitcoin is in a strong downward trend, with bears dominating the market.

After a year of Terra’s explosion: the market is improving, but it is still difficult to get rid of the haze

What have we lost and gained in the year since the Terra explosion? The arrest of Do know, as well as the subsequent lengthy trial and sanctions, will not end the whole incident.

One article to explain the licensing system of Hong Kong’s virtual currency exchanges

If Hong Kong used to be a paradise for cryptocurrency adventurers, then in the future it will belong to industry players who follow rules and regulations.

Seize the Opportunity

Learn about the launch rules of Neutron, the first consumer chain in the Cosmos ecosystem

As the first consumer chain in the Cosmos ecosystem, Neutron will be able to leverage the security of the Cosmos Hub. Recently, Neutron will conduct airdrops, liquidity auctions, and lock-up airdrops.

Data interpretation of the investment trends of 5 top VCs since 2023

Compared with the new narrative, DeFi, GameFi, and infrastructure are still the key directions for VCs’ current layout.

Potential airdrop opportunities: How to participate in the zkSync Era exploration activity?

Recently, the zkSync Era exploration activity is in full swing. This activity involves a total of 12 projects. After users complete the specified tasks, they can receive NFTs as rewards. Some projects will also provide additional rewards.

Summary of the highlights of the Ethereum Black Mountain Conference: the latest trends and high-quality projects

From the projects displayed at this conference, we can see that the current hotspots have shifted from making L1 public chains to infrastructure projects that serve L1, such as automation, storage, and Web3 socialization. Such projects still have great imagination space and practical uses. If they can be developed, they still have the same wealth effect as L1.

Detailed explanation of Base’s current progress: will open the genesis window and can mint “Road to Mainnet” NFTs

Everything is ready, only the east wind is owed, and Coinbase L2 network Base’s mainnet is about to arrive.

Web3 Matters

“Marketing expert” Richard starts a new business again, why can PulseChain achieve 500 million TVL in one week

Why can PulseChain achieve 500 million TVL in one week? Learn about the story behind the rise of PulseChain.

Proposal by the founder of Synthetix: Opportunities I have discovered and Synthetix’s plans for the future

Few people have the time to sit down and make crazy plans for Synthetix. This article will outline the opportunities I have discovered, some of which are rough descriptions of problems with some options, and some are detailed plans.

WOO X responds to accusations of misappropriation of assets and insolvency, calling them unfounded and publicly verifiable

WOO X has been accused of following in FTX’s footsteps, but there is a lack of concrete evidence regarding the true situation.

Tornado Cash suffers from malicious governance attack, latest recovery proposal may be a ploy to raise coin price for sale

The attacker of Tornado Cash has released a new proposal to restore governance status, seemingly implying that the protocol governance will be returned to the community, but their true motives are unclear.

BXB Capital: made a fortune from kimchi premiums, once cooperated with Binance to enter the Korean market

BXB Capital previously gained attention by offering a stablecoin backed by Korean won and kimchi premiums. It was also a partner of Binance when it attempted to enter the Korean market.

Big Talk about NFTs

Blockingpr: Innovative NFT lending protocol that issues loans in token form

Developed by the Backed team, this project differs from other NFT lending systems in that it is more like a point-to-token method than a peer-to-peer or point-to-pool method.

A set of data tells you why you shouldn’t ignore BTC NFTs

Whether you participate or not, you cannot ignore the fact that BTC NFTs are popular. Let’s take a look at the data together.

From virtual to real: “Pudgy Penguin” NFT launches physical and digital toys, opening up new ideas for IP operation

Pudgy Penguins released Pudgy Toys and Pudgy World on May 18, gradually expanding its consumer base through IP derivatives and casual games.

Interpreting the new standard ERC-6551: a new way of playing NFTs as wallets

Through the 6551 standard, smart contract wallets can be created for NFTs, making them more composable, dynamic, and interactive. In other words, NFTs themselves act as wallets with their own wallet addresses.

Technical Stuff

A detailed explanation of Starknet’s new client Beerus: how to achieve trustless state verification?

Beerus is Starknet’s stateless client, built using Ethereum’s Helio light client, which allows for trustless state verification. Light clients and stateless clients have the potential to decentralize Web3 infrastructure and unlock various use cases that were previously impossible.

Why does Vitalik believe that zk-SNARK technology will be as important as blockchain in the next 10 years?

At the EDCON conference in Montenegro, Vitalik Buterin outlined the technical challenges facing the Ethereum network in scalability, privacy, security, and more, ultimately concluding that zk-SNARKs will be as important as blockchain in the next 10 years. What is zk-SNARK technology that Vitalik is pushing for? What current blockchain difficulties can zk-SNARK technology solve?

Token Terminal: A Deep Dive into the Running Principles and Economic Models of Common Layer1s

Token Terminal explores the blockchain economic models of major L1 and L2 networks based on PoW and PoS, as well as emerging models such as liquidity staking protocols. It also provides a very easy-to-understand breakdown and examples of the economic models of each blockchain.

OP Labs: The Impact of Multi-Proof Design on the Ecosystem in the OP Stack

You’ve heard of the security advantages of multi-client networks, but what if your favorite L2 could incorporate multiple proof schemes into its design? That’s what happened after the OP mainnet upgraded to Bedrock.

Key Information

OpenAI: ChatGPT website faces downtime issue and is still investigating the problem

Web3 development platform Sort completes $3.5 million seed funding round, led by Lemniscap and The General Blockingrtnership

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission: Virtual asset regulation will be implemented from June 1st

Maitri Capital, a UK-based asset management company, launches the Maitri Cento Quant Fund, a cryptoquantitative fund with a target of raising $250 million

Musk: Not recommended to buy cryptocurrencies or bet everything on Dogecoin

Hotbit: Operation suspended from 12:00 today, users need to withdraw remaining assets before June 21st

Multiple sources indicate that Zhao Jun, co-founder and CEO of Multichain, is currently missing

Sei Foundation’s official website shows “Airdrop” button, which may announce the details of the airdrop

ZachXBT: Fintoch project suspected of Ponzi scheme, has defrauded 31.6 million USDT

White House Press Secretary: Debt limit negotiations are productive, but both parties still have differences

Zhongan Bank in Hong Kong will offer virtual asset trading services to retail investors under the new licensing regime

Worldcoin completed a $115 million Series C financing, led by Blockchain Capital.

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