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EU encryption regulation bill passed, US alarmed

The long-awaited EU "Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation" (MiCA) was finally settled on May 16th.

Hong Kong’s Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines: How to Identify Money Laundering Related to Virtual Assets?

Chapter provides guidance on money laundering/terrorism financing risks related to virtual assets, as well as regulatory provisions and standards for combating money laundering/terrorism financing…

Coindesk: Has the industry become better one year after Terra-Luna went to zero?

As we continue to rebuild, the industry may return to its roots: an industry born with a vision of a more fair, transparent, and…

2023 Ethereum Community Developer Conference: Without Black Mountain, No “Clear Path” in Sight

After years of development, Ethereum has gradually encountered a bottleneck period. The lack of scalability has also led to many criticisms.

Hong Kong’s new regulations on virtual assets will take effect on June 1st, and individual investors may enter the market as early as the second half of the year.

Yesterday (23rd), the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission released a summary of the consultation on the "Guideline on Virtual Asset Trading Platform Operators",…

Hong Kong lawyers interpret new regulations on virtual asset trading from six aspects

Starting from June 1st, the "Guidelines for the Operation of Virtual Asset Trading Platforms" will be officially implemented, and licensed virtual asset trading platforms…

Summary of Consultation on the Regulation of Virtual Asset Trading Platforms Released by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (Full PDF Download)

China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) issued a proposal today regarding the regulation of virtual asset trading platform operators who obtain licenses from CSRC for…

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