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Blockchain is a new technology that affects the future world, let's Gambling and Investing in it

The Most Anticipated L2 ZK-Rollup——zkSync In-Depth Research Report

zkSync is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that uses Zero Knowledge rollup technology to solve the current problem of Ethereum, that is, scalability. Developed by Matter Labs since 2019,…

The key indicators for measuring the Web3 ecology

Web3 is a dynamic ecosystem where its founders, token holders, developers and users come together to create a decentralized Internet that truly belongs to…

Web 3 in Internet Industry Transformation

Organized the investment and financing situation of the Web3 industry in 2022, and interviewed practitioners in the Web3 industry.

2022 Global Cryptocurrency Market: Shrunk by more than half, down about 64.51%

a comprehensive review of the performance of the global cryptocurrency market in 2022 was conducted, and the annual ranking changes of the TOP 30…

Big Chinese brands are quietly issuing NFTs overseas

When domestic trendy game groups gather on digital collection platforms such as Ali Jingtan, Baidu Superchain, and NetEase Planet to grab the first release…

16 Charts to understand the Bitcoin market in 2022

16 data charts show the data changes of Bitcoin in the five major aspects of the trading market, chain fundamentals, chip and address structure,…

Summarize the ups and downs of the encryption market in 2022 and where it will go in the future

2022 is about to officially come to an end. Looking back at the encryption market in the past year, various “magical realism dramas” are…

What is Nostr? Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey paid for sponsorship, but Elon Musk banned it

nostr is a minimal protocol capable of creating, once and for all, a censorship-resistant global "social" network. nostr does not rely on any trusted…

Trump’s NFT debut earned $4.35 million and 45,000 NFTs were sold out within 18 hours

Trump's first NFT was sold out quickly. While it was selling well, he has ridiculed by other crowds.

From the beginning of ETH2.0, let’s talk about the far-reaching impact of Shanghai’s upgrade

Why Shanghai upgrade is important. Because in fact, the four stages in the roadmap released by ETH in 15 years: Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis, Tranquility, have gone…

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