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Do Kwon’s chat records exposed constant big news, far more than just fake transactions.

Do Kwon openly admitted that they falsified trading volume, with the most shocking revelation being the admission of pre-mining 1 billion stablecoins. The financing…

Unveiling the ‘Genius’ Trader Zhang Yufeng Losing Money on Solana, LUNA, and FTT, among Chinese Concept Stocks

Who is 'Other People's Alumnus' Zhang Yufeng? What does he do? Where does his wealth come from?

After multiple rounds of disasters and baptisms, is it the golden age for decentralized stablecoins?

Please always remember that fund security is of utmost importance. Let's take a look at what makes DeFi stablecoins so exciting right now.

Discussing the current prospects of the stablecoin market

When evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of different stablecoins, it can be helpful to classify them based on common design elements. So, what are…

Character: Korean professor who tracked Do Kwon’s funds predicted Terra’s collapse in 2019

Original Text | Compiled by DL News | Wu Talks about Blockchain (Note: This article was published on March 1st and not the latest…

One year after Terra’s explosive growth: How are decentralized stablecoins doing?

Although a year has passed since Terra's death spiral, the impact of the resulting explosion and evaporation of billions of dollars is still not…

Coindesk: Has the industry become better one year after Terra-Luna went to zero?

As we continue to rebuild, the industry may return to its roots: an industry born with a vision of a more fair, transparent, and…

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