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Inventory of 26 projects selected for the a16z Crypto Accelerator program

There are 26 participating projects in this competition, covering tracks such as encryption infrastructure, creator tools, and Web3 games.

Hong Kong’s Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines: How to Identify Money Laundering Related to Virtual Assets?

Chapter provides guidance on money laundering/terrorism financing risks related to virtual assets, as well as regulatory provisions and standards for combating money laundering/terrorism financing…

Coindesk: Has the industry become better one year after Terra-Luna went to zero?

As we continue to rebuild, the industry may return to its roots: an industry born with a vision of a more fair, transparent, and…

April GameFi Report: Market Revival and User Growth Highlight Development Potential

In April, the GameFi industry rebounded with a rapidly growing active user base, reaching 1.49 million. At the same time, 51 new GameFi projects…

Which projects were ultimately selected for the Ethereum conference EDCON 2023 Super Demo?

Super Demo aims to discover and support the most promising early-stage blockchain projects. Being selected for Super Demo can provide projects with funding, incubation,…

From ERC20, 721, 1155 to 3525, detailing the path of RWA towards large-scale landing on Web3

ERC-3525 has shown significant advantages in the future trends of Web3. Whether it is real-world assets (RWA), customer loyalty programs, or gaming and other…

2023 Ethereum Community Developer Conference: Without Black Mountain, No “Clear Path” in Sight

After years of development, Ethereum has gradually encountered a bottleneck period. The lack of scalability has also led to many criticisms.

a16z Crypto Startup Course: Following “Token Design”, a heavyweight “Protocol Design” has been launched.

Mindset models, best practices, and guidelines for designing economically sustainable and resistant decentralized Web3 protocols.

Why is it said that developing ecology on Bitcoin is like looking for fish in a tree?

Building an ecosystem on Bitcoin is like doing what can already be done on Ethereum in a clumsy and more expensive way.

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