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With the launch of Memeland and $MEME token during the Age of Great Navigation, can we find our own ONE PIECE?

As a highly anticipated blue-chip NFT project in the past year, Memeland is now launching its token $MEME. This article provides an overview of…

Web3 Wallet Development Guide: The First Step in Bridging Users to Cryptocurrency

Low threshold, personalization, and diversity are the key factors that can help wallet products stand out from the competition.

3-Minute Overview of “SEC v. Ripple” Judgment: Is XRP a Security?

In December 2020, Ripple was sued by the US SEC. After three years of difficult legal battles, Ripple finally achieved a "brief" victory.

The five newcomers of LSD are coming on strong. Can Lido still hold onto his leading position?

This article summarizes five LSD projects that have the potential to compete with market leader Lido in terms of technology, economics, and user experience,…

Aura Finance: Why choose to promote LST liquidity growth on Optimism?

Aura Finance is a liquidity layer built on top of the Balancer protocol. Similar to Convex's role with Curve, Aura Finance acquires Balancer's native…

Decoding the PGN Layer 2 Application Chain: Based on OP Stack, Starting a New Paradigm of Public Goods Donation?

So, what does PGN mean for regular users and developers respectively? What impact could it have on the fee structure of the Ethereum ecosystem?…

Three transformations are needed for the success of Ethereum, but new problems arise as well.

The main reasons for Ethereum's need for transformation lie in the challenges of scalability, security, and privacy protection.

The modular war of Layer2 begins: OP Stack VS ZK Stack, who will be the ultimate winner?

In this article, we will compare the similarities and differences between these two solutions, their respective advantages and disadvantages, and their use cases. In…

Full Guide to Improvements in Starknet Syntax

The second version of the Cairo compiler has made changes to the Starknet syntax, making the code more clear and secure. The public interface…

New meme project NOVA: providing financial relief to blue-chip investors, a new experiment in humanitarianism.

NOVA has not limited itself to being a meme token on Ethereum - it hopes to stand firmly by all those in need of…

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