Reflections After EDCON 2023 in Montenegro: Prospects for Infrastructure and Application Trends

The annual EDCON event is meant to help developers in the ecosystem to once again clearly understand the direction in which Ethereum is headed, to periodically review the progress of planned implementations, to identify urgent problems that need to be solved, and to conduct discussions on breakthrough technologies in their respective fields. Jessica Shen, an investment manager at Mint Ventures, attended the EDCON 2023 conference and interviewed other attendees, summarizing her own and her colleagues’ gains and insights into the trends in both infrastructure and applications.

EDCON 2023 will focus on how infrastructure can overcome the impossible triangle of privacy, scalability, and decentralization. Currently, the ZK, account abstraction, and L2 technologies are maturing, and their combined power will improve the User Experience (UX) and User Security (US) of Ethereum. Progress in infrastructure will provide a breeding ground for application innovation.

In terms of infrastructure, ZK technology is widely discussed: zkEVM has no shortage of new players joining the competition, and the track will remain highly competitive; ZKML is still in its early stages of development but has enormous potential and is on the verge of an explosion, and more machine learning applications will adopt ZK encryption in the future. AI may inject new vitality into blockchain under the empowerment of ZK technology, and the ZKML open source community is worth looking forward to; the demand for the composability opportunities of ZK technology in various scenarios (Programmable Cryptography) has been re-demonstrated.

There is less discussion about DApp applications, mainly focusing on on-chain games, account abstraction, and LSD tracks: on-chain games are trending towards AI, but the market lacks new narratives and there is no clear direction; the account abstraction track is “flat, hot, and crowded,” and capturing the value of the track is a challenge; long-term investment in the LSD track is certain, and cryptocurrency funds have shown confidence in the LSD track.


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