Counterattack! Several senior developers refute some unfounded criticisms against the Move blockchain

Due to the previous publication of “Sharp Whistle” with the title “Reversing Technology! Aptos and Sui Are Actually Consortium Chains, Whose Lives Depend on the Patience of Capital”, which contained a lot of blackening comments about Aptos and Sui, cryptocurrency KOL Faust specially interviewed multiple senior developers to counter this article with 12 points.

1) Regarding the article criticizing the Move public chain, which repeatedly mentioned “all Move-based public chains are essentially consortium chains” in the title and conclusion. Nanne2022: The most important distinction between consortium chains and public chains is the node admission threshold. Consortium chain nodes need official permission to enter the network, and users are not allowed to build their own full nodes to synchronize data. Aptos and Sui do not use consortium chain technology, but rather public chain technology.

2) Regarding the article’s claim at the beginning that Aptos and Sui have no blocks or chains. Wubuku: First of all, Aptos has blocks, as can be seen from its Node API documentation. Secondly, Sui does not have the concept of blocks, because it uses a DAG structure for transaction data. However, the narrow definition of blockchain is not so important. What is needed to achieve the Web3 vision is a “decentralized ledger”, not a specific data structure.

3) Regarding the author’s belief that “people in the Web3 circle are not very knowledgeable, for example, after Dfinity (ICP) appeared, many people were very excited, thinking that the narrative was grand and could solve many problems, but in fact, it is just the story of cloud-native, which Microsoft and IBM have been working on for many years.” Jolestar: The construction path of ICP is indeed problematic. But the author should feel that “decentralized cloud computing” is not the right path, but Web3 is decentralized cloud-native.

4) Regarding the guest Steven’s belief in the article that “since Ethereum, there has been no new technological paradigm.” Zhou Qi: The replacement of Ethereum and other technological paradigms has been very fast. ZK, DA, Verkle Tree, interactive fraud proof, the earliest initiators of these technological paradigms were not Ethereum, but Ethereum quickly learned from and absorbed them. For example, Ethereum learned from Celestia in the DA aspect and borrowed Tendermint for PoS consensus.


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