Interpreting the LSTFi project’s unshETH

unshETH is seeking to become the liquidity layer of LST. Cryptocurrency KOL 563 introduced this project from the aspects of unshETH’s liquidity methodology, composability, and benefits to Ethereum.

unshETH is composed of a basket of LST tokens: 20% rETH, sfrxETH, cbETH, and wstETH; 10% ankrETH; and 5% swETH and wETH (for liquidity). unshETH can receive weighted average staking rewards + protocol incentives from these protocols. unshETH acts as an AMM, allowing users to efficiently swap between their favorite LST tokens, which is much more capital efficient than the standard LST-ETH pool.

The unshETH token is a diversified LST basket, all contained within an Omnichain token. Built on LayerZero, users can transfer unshETH from Ethereum/BNB chain/Arbitrum without any fees. Now, users can finally hold/utilize LST freely outside of the Ethereum mainnet. More chains equals more users who can access staked ETH.


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