Flashbots Strategy Lead: Why I chose to join Steakhouse Financial?

On the one hand, DAO needs to decentralize as soon as possible to avoid regulation, and on the other hand, DAO needs to innovate towards PMF and develop sustainable business models. Hasu, the strategic leader of Flashbots, outlined his core philosophy on DAO development and expressed his intention to join Steakhouse Financial as a strategic advisor and board member to bring intelligence and better decision-making to DeFi.

On the issue of the development difficulties faced by DAOs, I have two core beliefs: 1) Firstly, DAOs need to make good financial decisions, require assistance in budget allocation, and also need help in creating basic financial reports. Financial reports play a crucial role in decision-making, accountability, and transparency; 2) DAOs should not be so complex and can outsource their core functions to external service providers for effective decentralization.

In the past 1 to 2 years, I have been looking for a team that shares the same values ​​as me, that is, to create a CFO-as-a-service. I am pleased to have found one and will join Steakhouse Financial as a strategic advisor and board member. Over the past two years, Steakhouse Financial has grown Maker’s RWAs from $2 million to nearly $2 billion in collateral under management. This not only created immense value for Maker but also reduced DAI’s reliance on USDC from 85% to 36%. Additionally, they created the most comprehensive protocol financial report to date in Maker and established the standard for protocol reporting. Subsequently, Steakhouse Financial became Lido’s financial partner. With their help, Lido reduced its incentives from over $100 million per year to less than $10 million and began using stETH instead of LDO.

Reference: https://twitter.com/hasufl/status/1666492258005442561

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