Understanding DEX – Maverick Protocol’s strategic financing led by Blockingntera Capital in one article

Maverick Protocol is a DEX that dynamically allocates automated market makers. Crypto KOL MooMs introduces this project from innovative points and how it works.

Maverick Protocol introduces a new AMM model, a dynamically allocated automated market maker aimed at addressing the three main issues faced by LPs on Uniswap V3: position management, lack of directional LPs, and low capital efficiency. Maverick’s dynamic distribution AMM introduces a novel AMM concept – directional LPing, which enables liquidity providers to better control capital and significantly improve capital efficiency.

AMM features: 1) Custom LP distribution. LPs no longer need to invest liquidity within a unified price range; 2) Low LP maintenance, automatic concentration of liquidity fees; 3) Improved capital efficiency, LPs can enable Maverick AMM smart contracts to automatically reposition their liquidity distribution to track prices, so that their distribution is more frequently within the range. Maverick AMM offers four liquidity modes to choose from, each designed to promote specific liquidity strategies, with three modes relying on Maverick AMM’s intelligent liquidity transfer technology to keep liquidity active.

Reference: https://twitter.com/moomsxxx/status/1666136194848260096

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