Andrew Kang: Radiant Capital may outperform Aave and Compound, becoming the new king of the money market

Andrew Kang, co-founder of Mechanism Capital, believes that Radiant Capital may become the best competitor to Aave and Compound, and wrote an article outlining his reasons for thinking so. Previously, according to Lookonchain monitoring, on June 2, Andrew Kang exchanged 203,022 USDC for 653,804 RDNT, and then exchanged for 723,311 ARB, which was deposited into Radiant Capital.

1) With the market value of stablecoins exceeding $100 billion, the previously idle stablecoins worth over $10 billion in liquidity providers represent a huge opportunity. 2) Radiant’s sustainable and incentivized yield can capture market share, and many non-stETH LSDs worth billions of dollars lack currency markets, making Radiant their preferred choice. 3) Radiant is one of the largest beneficiaries of ARB, and no other liquidity provider has yet listed ARB, so we expect sustained capital inflows. 4) The main driver of RDNT’s growth is its V2 tokenomics upgrade, increasing the value of incentive mechanisms while directing more sustainable releases to long-term protocol users.

5) With the development of LayerZero and zkSync narratives, Radiant is poised to become a major beneficiary. 6) In the future, we will collaborate with Radiant to develop new growth hacking incentives to promote TVL growth and market share expansion. 7) Currently, Radiant’s revenue in the past 90 days has surpassed Aave, Compound, and even Solana, and from a trend perspective, Radiant is one of the fastest-growing protocols in the field. 8) Radiant’s trading valuation is not high, but its P/E ratio is consistent with blue-chip stocks. 9) The Radiant community is very active, with an average of over 2,000 votes per DAO governance proposal. 10) Over the past few weeks, over $10 million in dLP has been unlocked, with a total dollar value increase of approximately $5.2 million, meaning that Radiant is still attracting new locked users even in the unlocked state. 11) In the two weeks following the implementation of RFP-17 and RFP-18, 71% of locked users chose to lock for 6 months or 1 year, compared to only 40% last month.


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