Deciphering the development logic behind the Bedrock upgrade on Optimism mainnet

Optimism Mainnet Upgrades with Bedrock, Significance for Optimism Chain. Blockchain Researcher Haotian | CryptoInsight Explains the Development Logic Behind It.

1) Prior to the upgrade, the OP mainnet code made significant innovative changes based on the Ethereum Go client, but the changes were too many. Therefore, after the upgrade, the code gap was narrowed further to better fit the Ethereum ecosystem and improve compatibility with the Ethereum EVM. This can quickly expand the ecosystem, but it means that the original innovation did not meet expectations.

2) However, this cannot be blamed on OP. Considering the cost of developers’ ecosystem migration, it seems that chains based on Ethereum and wanting innovation will ultimately sacrifice their so-called “innovativeness” for the ecosystem, resulting in becoming more and more like Ethereum. The collective EVM-ization of the overall public chain has already proved this. Therefore, it is not ruled out that Arbitrum will also undergo upgrades similar to Bedrock, and zkSync will continue to make great efforts in terms of ecosystem compatibility.

3) What are the noteworthy aspects of the Bedrock upgrade? Originally, one block corresponded to one txs in the L2 browser, which was not very rollup-like. After the upgrade, this was improved. The interaction from Batch to L1 is to stuff encrypted data into an EOA address input, which can significantly reduce transaction costs and also cater to the content of the Cancun upgrade EIP-4844. The upgrade is based on the newer go v1.11.5 branch, which is commendable for being in tune with Ethereum development.


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