Inventory of 9 Promising Projects: Webb, Gamma, Render Network

There are many projects in the encryption space, but it’s difficult to find ones that can increase 100 times in value. Following VC investments is also a way to find high-quality projects. Cryptocurrency KOL MooMs has listed 9 promising projects that have received VC investments.

1) Webb is a multi-chain ecosystem for privacy protocol and products. The project employs technologies such as ZK proof and distributed key generation to maintain user privacy. Fundraising amount: $7,000,000. Investors: Polychain Capital, among others.

2) Gamma aims to provide non-custodial, automated, and active management of centralized liquidity on AMMs like Uniswap v3. Fundraising amount: $3,500,000. Investors: Blockchain Capital, The Spartan Group.

3) Render Network connects users looking to perform rendering jobs with those who have idle GPUs to process the rendering. Fundraising amount: $30,000,000. Investors: Multicoin Capital, Solana Ventures.

4) EigenLayer introduces a new primitive called re-staking, which enhances security in the crypto economy. Users can opt to join EigenLayer to re-stake their ETH or LST and receive additional rewards. Fundraising amount: $64,500,000. Investors: Polychain Capital, Blockchain Capital.

5) Evertas offers insurance products, authentication, risk management, and mitigation solutions to exchanges, funds, tradFi institutions, and other entities. Fundraising amount: $22,600,000. Investors: Polychain Capital, Balajis.

6) Trader Joe is a decentralized exchange based on a novel AMM model, providing users with an automated liquidity provision system and zero-slippage trading. Fundraising amount: $5,000,000. Investors: Delphi Digital, DeFiance Capital.


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