Cryptocurrency narratives worth paying attention to this year: LSD, RWA, Onchain Game…

This year, the development of the encryption field has focused on several important narratives. IOSG researcher 0xWendy believes that we should focus on LSD, RWA, and Onchain Game, while paying attention to the development potential of ZK, Ordinals, and AA.

First level: LSD: The underlying asset logic of national debt level, combined with defi lending and other gameplay, Ethereum’s fixed income + products can create many variations; RWA: The hope of veteran investors, attracting the largest funds narrative, but regulatory and major applications may still need external forces to promote; onchain game: The most suitable direction for blockchain attributes and the most likely one, the current tick rate limitation may not be a problem.

Second level: ZK: The reason why zk is placed in the second level is that the verification cycle of infra is too long, and the next bull market for cryptocurrencies is likely to appear on the application side; Ordinals: The leading carving, but if it is switched to btc, the novelty will decrease rapidly if there is no new gameplay, and it needs to be observed; AA: The story of onboarding new users is tempting, but after building for a long time, it feels that the correct landing method has not been found yet.


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