Introducing 3 different types of games: Doomsday, Pirate Nation, Loot Survivor

Cryptocurrency KOL Apix has introduced three games from different categories: reward-driven Doomsday, Pirate Nation competing with ordinary games, and the prelude to the autonomous world, Loot Survivor.

1) Doomsday is a typical on-chain game with noteworthy features such as Gamefi driven gameplay, a visually appealing entry page, technical aspects that are easy to understand even for beginners like myself, a current minting cost of about $100, and a first-mover advantage. This game displays the reasons for the existence of on-chain games such as reward distribution and luxurious casinos. Limitations include a lack of active gameplay and fees.

2) Pirate Nation may be one of the only on-chain games that I can see regular players enjoying due to its great art, ease of understanding, and being designed specifically for casual gamers on browsers/mobile devices. However, its PVP gameplay needs improvement and there are some delays in in-game operations due to txn confirmations on ARB Nova. The user interface could be improved with menus (operations) and other small tags. Token thresholds will soon be available in a free mode. The gameplay is active, has no clear ending, and can be played easily for 10-20 minutes every day.

3) Loot Realms is building an autonomous world with an alpha version available for free trial on the starknet testnet. Blocks take a long time to confirm each operation, and the gameplay is like an evolving storybook that is almost entirely based on luck. Creating a starknet wallet and acquiring testnet ETH for future on-chain games is a prerequisite. This is more of a proof of concept, and the final game will be very different. The coolest thing is that it is free to try, giving users a taste of what on-chain games are like.


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