Sovereign SDK: Significantly reduce bridging delays for optimistic rollups

The Sovereign ecosystem, which is extendable to Rollup, is building the Sovereign SDK that can significantly reduce the bridging delay of optimistic Rollup. The official analysis explains the impact of this technology.

How is this achieved? By using a method called ZK single-round fraud proof to verify fraud proof more quickly. This may sound technical, but let’s break it down. In optimistic rollup, the prover (from ZK rollup) is replaced with two different roles: attester and challenger. The attester proves the state transition (block) of the rollup, while the challenger takes action to alert the light client when an invalid proof is detected. If no proof is challenged for a period of time, the light client assumes that the block referred to by the proof has been finalized.

The important part here is how these challengers alert the light client. The light client needs to be able to verify the alert, but they cannot afford to process the entire block of the rollup. In the current op rollup design, the light client solves this problem by watching the on-chain interactive verification game played by the attester and challenger. This game takes approximately 50 steps, which means there are approximately 50 transactions on the chain. In this design, we replace the interactive game with ZKP. Since the verification cost of ZKP is very low, the light client can afford to process the proof of the entire block. Therefore, the final confirmation delay does not need to consider the approximately 50 transactions on the chain. This means we can “significantly” reduce the bridging time of optimistic rollup.


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