9 Catalysts and Narratives for Q3: BTC ETF, Base, GMX V2…

Cryptocurrency researcher Thor Hartvigsen has predicted nine major catalysts and narratives for the third quarter, including BTC ETF, EIP-4844, LSD & LSDFI, Base, and more. He also shared his views and reasons for these predictions. This article has been translated by BILI.

1) BTC ETF: The ETF is being re-filed through Coinbase as the exchange to be used and approval would be a major catalyst for the entire market; 2) EIP-4844 (Proto-Danksharding), data blocks allow for cheaper transactions on Rollup (up to 20x cheaper), cheaper transactions + higher profit margins, full Danksharding mainnet costs will be cheaper (possibly in 2024).

3) LSD & LSDFI: frxETH V2 and Frax-chain launch, Eigenlayer is correctly launched, Pendle expands to new chains with more pools and markets, over 10 upcoming LSD-supported stablecoin protocols; 4) Base: security audits have been completed, significant meaning for millions of retail investors joining DeFi, Base revenues will be included in Optimism’s treasury, a potential narrative for $OP.

5) Frax-chain: frxETH V2 launch, $FRAX becomes fully collateralized, and the launch of Frax-chain (expected in Q3/Q4) is a strong positive for Frax; 6) Polygon 2.0: Polygon 2.0 unites many different technological innovations into a scalable solution, seeming like a good r/r due to Celsius being allowed to sell and $MATIC being heavily sold off.

7) dYdX V4: Protocol revenue will no longer flow to centralized entities (may share $DYDX fees), testnet launching tomorrow; 8) GMX V2: Isolated pools make it easier to add many new trading pairs (including synthetic assets), the expectation of reduced trading fees can attract new users; 9) Synthetix V3: Multiple collateral liquidity, no permissioned pool isolation risk, cross-chain liquidity.

Reference: https://twitter.com/BiliSquare/status/1676237401239482368

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