Is GameFi about to make a comeback? Analyzing 3 different types of blockchain games

Written by: apix Compiled by: Deep Tide TechFlow

Recently, it seems that on-chain games have begun to regroup. Cryptocurrency analyst Apix introduces three new on-chain games, and here are some notes:


Doomsday is a fairly typical on-chain game. After playing it, I summarized some points worth noting:

  • Powered by Gamefi;

  • The entry page design is great;

  • It is technical, but it can be understood by novices without reading the white paper to understand the game rules;

  • The current casting requires about $100;

  • There is not much to do now except waiting and playing;

  • First-mover advantage.

This game showcases the reasons for the existence of on-chain games (reward distribution, fancy casinos), as well as the limitations (lack of positive gameplay, costs, etc.).

Pirate NationNFT

Pirate NationNFT is an on-chain game targeted towards consumers. PN may also be the only on-chain game that I think ordinary players will like:

  • Exquisite art;

  • Relatively easy to understand;

  • Targeted towards ordinary players (browser / mobile);

  • PVP needs improvement;

  • There is a certain delay in the game operation because transactions need to be confirmed (on ARB Nova);

  • The user interface can be improved slightly by adding labels to menus (operations) and some other details;

  • There is a token threshold (but a free mode will be launched soon).

The gameplay of the game is quite active, and there is no clear ending. You can play it easily for 10-20 minutes a day.

Loot Survivor

Loot Realms is building a self-governed world, and Loot Survivor is like an early experience version of a small game that has been leaked:

  • Can be tried for free (Starknet test network);

  • The block confirmation time required for each operation is long (but the whole process can be tracked well);

  • The game play is like an evolving story book;

  • A game that almost purely depends on luck;

  • Create a starknet wallet and prepare for future chain games to obtain testnet ETH.

This small game is more of a concept validation, and the final game will be completely different from the current one. The advantage is that you can try it for free and experience the characteristics of chain games.

These three games belong to different types, one is reward-driven, one competes with ordinary games, and one is the prologue of a self-governed world.

They all follow their respective themes, but I think Pirate Nation is undoubtedly the leading product.

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