Inventory of 6 Cryptocurrency Projects Joining NVIDIA Inception Program

NVIDIA’s GPUs and AI chips are leading the way in training AI models. After releasing its first-quarter earnings report this year, NVIDIA became the first chip company to surpass a market value of $1 trillion and the seventh company overall to achieve this milestone, following Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, Apple, and Tesla.

Which cryptocurrency projects are associated with NVIDIA? NVIDIA has an incubator program called NVIDIA Inception, which aims to support and accelerate startups in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science, providing resources and support to startups, including technology guidance, deep learning training, hardware and software support, marketing, and business networks. Below, BlockingNews will list the cryptocurrency-native projects that have joined the NVIDIA Inception program.


Flux is a blockchain network with a consensus adapted from the “proof of work” mechanism and plans to launch a “proof of useful work” (PoUW) mechanism in the third quarter of this year.

Miners in Flux use GPU hardware to protect the network and earn block rewards in return. At the same time, miners can use their GPU mining machines for compute-intensive tasks such as artificial intelligence, deep virtual detection, rendering, and more, creating additional revenue. Miners can automatically switch between mining and on-demand PoUW tasks, optimizing profitability.

Flux joined the NVIDIA Inception program in January 2022. Flux also runs NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform modules as nodes in the Flux network.

As of June 16th, the native token of Flux, FLUX, had a market value of $120 million.


iExec has developed a decentralized computing resource marketplace where users can buy and sell computing resources, turning cloud computing power into a commodity. Users can obtain GPU computing resources from multiple providers on the iExec cloud market on demand, which is particularly important in fields with high computational requirements such as artificial intelligence and deep learning.

The project joined the NVIDIA Inception program in October 2022, hoping to gain professional knowledge and experience in GPU computing.

iExec has issued the RLC token, which currently has a total market value of $104 million.


Shapeyard has built an interactive content creation toolset for the metaverse to create 3D digital assets and bring them into the Web3 economy, allowing users to exchange and integrate their created 3D digital assets across virtual spaces. The development company behind it, Magic Unicorn, is a New York-based venture studio that also engages in software development in computer graphics, mobile AI, and AR fields.

Shapeyard has developed a mobile application that includes various 3D models, texture tools, and 3D market models. It uses a “what you see is what you get” approach, allowing users to generate digital assets through simple placement and color filling. The application also allows designers to import their created models into 3D printing software.

Shapeyard joined the NVIDIA Inception program in October 2022, hoping to integrate its product into the NVIDIA Omniverse platform to build 3D digital assets and export scenes using the Universal Scene Description framework.

Shapeyard’s NFT minting and trading features are currently under development.


dotmoovs is a Move to Earn project that aims to create a world where athletes, coaches, and fans can play together. dotmoovs’ AI system detects users’ bodies, evaluates limb movements one by one, and scores them. In addition, dotmoovs also offers AI-driven coaches to help users improve their sports issues.

dotmoovs joined the NVIDIA Inception program in June this year, hoping to shape the future of sports through cutting-edge AI solutions.

dotmoovs has issued the MOOV token, which currently has a total market value of $4.81 million.


Kondux has built a feature-rich platform that combines blockchain technology with 3D assets, allowing users to view, create, and deploy digital assets. Users can customize and view 3D kNFTs through a 3D viewport, purchase, sell, and trade them on the NFT market, view their assets in AR object form through an XR viewer, upload their digital assets and create NFTs or kNFTs through an NFT minter, and view NFTs in a 3D NFT gallery environment by connecting their wallet.

Kondux joined the NVIDIA Inception program in September 2022. NVIDIA Omniverse-related hardware and software will provide Kondux with the tools needed to implement advanced API connections to create interoperable 3D assets, manufacturing models, and machine learning applications.

Kondux has issued NFT and ERC-20 tokens KNDX, with a total market cap of $1.94 million.


Ubex is a platform that leverages blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to improve the digital advertising industry, aiming to provide more efficient, transparent and accurate advertising solutions. It connects advertisers and advertising clients through a decentralized advertising ecosystem and ensures the verifiability and security of advertising transactions through smart contracts.

Ubex joined the NVIDIA Inception program in June 2018, hoping to leverage NVIDIA’s rich knowledge in data science to strengthen neural network learning technology.

Ubex has issued the UBEX token, but the current total market value is only $154,000.


Of the above projects, Flux and iExec, which conduct GPU computing power transactions, have developed relatively well. With the development of AI, there may be demand for decentralized GPU computing power markets. There are not many combinations of metaverse, NFT projects, and GPUs, and their value has clearly returned in the current bear market environment.

It should be noted that there are many projects that have joined the NVIDIA Inception program, and there may be omissions. Joining the program does not necessarily mean that these projects and NVIDIA have deep cooperation. Investors should be cautious and judge the risks themselves.

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