Could the introduction of Ordinals protocol and the use of recursive inscription lead to the realization of the metaverse on BTC?

Ordinals protocol introduces recursive inscriptions. Many KOLs believe that the metaverse can be realized or appear on BTC. Leonidas.og, host of the Ordinal Show, introduces what recursive inscriptions are and analyzes the impact of introducing them on the Bitcoin ecosystem. He believes that complex 3D video games can now be fully placed on the Bitcoin chain.

Ordinals protocol introduced the ability for anyone to fully engrave a file on the Bitcoin blockchain. These inscriptions are independent and do not know if other files have been engraved. With the introduction of recursive inscriptions, the situation is about to change. Inscriptions can now request the content of other inscriptions using a special “/-/content/:inscription_id” syntax. This simple change unlocks many powerful use cases. For example, instead of engraving 10,000 JPEG files separately for a PFP collection (which would be very expensive), it is better to engrave 200 features from the collection and then make 10,000 inscriptions, each using a small amount of code to request the features and programmatically render the image. The result is the same. Art is just stored on the chain in a more efficient way, such as saving over $1 million in transaction fees for Bitcoin Apes.

Imagine if code packages that everyone can call were engraved, what would happen? This is exactly what OnChainMonkey did. They fully engraved the p5.js and Three.js npm packages on the blockchain, and then used recursion in the upcoming Dimensions drop to call these packages from inscriptions, allowing them to create beautiful 3D art in less than 1KB. And most importantly, anyone can do this. Now that these code packages are engraved on Bitcoin, they are a public good that anyone can use to create cool generative art cheaply.

We can still imagine bigger things, what if many people upload a lot of code packages? So now there is a huge software package repository for developers to build. This will unlock powerful use cases that can never be done in less than 4 MB. After all, the most complex software is just a pile of compiled code. Now, complex 3D video games can be fully placed on the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin is essentially an internal internet where every file can request data from other files on Bitcoin. It is not yet clear how people will use it, but this is undoubtedly an important moment in Bitcoin history. Ordinals browsers like and will soon support recursive inscriptions.


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