Weekly Selection | Hong Kong’s New Regulations on Virtual Assets Come into Effect; Multiple Institutions in the Industry Spread FUD Again; Bitcoin Closes Monthly Candle with Negative in 2023 for the First Time

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Hong Kong’s New Virtual Asset Regulations

Hong Kong’s virtual asset regulations come into effect, ushering in the golden age of Web3

On June 1st, Hong Kong’s new virtual asset trading regulations, “Guidelines for Virtual Asset Trading Platform Operators,” officially went into effect. The virtual asset trading platform operating license can now be applied for, marking a major milestone in Hong Kong’s efforts to establish itself as a global virtual asset center.

Multi-angle interpretation of Hong Kong’s virtual asset regulations: more flexible than expected, and will be adjusted dynamically according to the actual situation in the future

How can cryptocurrency trading institutions get licensed under Hong Kong’s new regulations? What makes Hong Kong’s cryptocurrency regulation more attractive than that of other countries? What impact will it have on ordinary investors?

Blocking Infographic | Get to know the institutions that have announced plans to set up cryptocurrency exchanges in Hong Kong with one picture

Which institutions have announced plans to set up cryptocurrency exchanges in Hong Kong in the market?

In-depth interpretation of Hong Kong’s virtual asset VASP licensing system

On February 20, 2023, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) issued the “VASP Consultation Paper” and on May 23, it issued the “VASP Consultation Summary,” clarifying that the “Guidelines for Virtual Asset Trading Platform Operators” (VASP Guidelines) will officially take effect on June 1, 2023. This marks the Hong Kong government’s open attitude towards the virtual asset market and its proactive embrace of the new VASP system after more than half a year of planning.

Macro Perspective

Zhao Changpeng’s latest interview: Regulators put us “under a microscope,” and the market is recovering in a bear market

On May 29th, Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng was interviewed by Bankless and commented on the current state of the cryptocurrency industry and market.

An Analysis of the Beijing Internet 3.0 White Paper (with full text): Distinguishing itself from Web3, focusing on artificial intelligence and the metaverse

As the underlying technology of the Internet 3.0, blockchain can solve the problems of trust, data structuring, and value circulation of structured data, continuously giving birth to new industries, new formats, and new models, and will be an important cornerstone of the construction of the Internet 3.0 economic system.

Turning Point or Continued Correction? 12 Charts Interpret the Cicadas of the Cryptocurrency Market in May

After a slump in April, the cryptocurrency industry did not rebound significantly in May. Overall, the market is still in a correction phase, with a few indicators rebounding, but most still below the “water line.” Next, let’s use 12 charts to interpret the just-concluded “Cicadas in May.”

The trend of Bitcoin supply has changed, and the trend of moving eastward has formed.

The change in Bitcoin’s year-on-year regional supply shows that Bitcoin is beginning to move from the United States to Asian wallets. What kind of changes are reflected behind this? What kind of future will the Web3 world have behind the US regulatory and Hong Kong new policies? What great development opportunities will the future bring? This article will discuss these issues.

“No Chinese”: Arrogance and Prejudice in the Black Mountain EDCON

Participants from different backgrounds seem to have gradually discovered many conflicts in their views and ideological differences, especially the tension between Chinese practitioners and their European and American counterparts.

Catch the Opportunity

How to use $50 to interact with high-quality comparison and analysis of OP, ARB, and the rumored Layerzero airdrop standards?

The nanny-level tutorial for Layerzero interaction.

Inventory of 26 projects selected for the a16z Crypto Acceleration Program

The 26 participating projects cover areas such as cryptocurrency infrastructure, creator tools, and Web3 games.

Bitcoin Virtual Machine BVM is launched, ushering in the era of smart contracts?

Overall, Bitcoin has shown great potential for expansion applications, mainly due to its unique simplicity and security features.

What is the development status of on-chain government bonds? We studied 5 protocols

Inventory the development status of on-chain national debt for Ondo, Matrixdock, Maple, OpenEden, and MakerDAO.

Detailed explanation of the GBRC721 protocol and its ecosystem projects, which were brought to life by the OrdiBots’ thousand-fold increase.

BlockingNews will provide you with a detailed explanation of the GBRC721 protocol and its ecosystem projects.

Web3 News

Stably’s stablecoin #USD on Ordinals: The issuer, Stably, has deployed on 12 chains, but has been criticized for riding the hype and having opaque information.

Stably has issued stablecoins on more than 10 chains, but as of April 30, the issuance of its stablecoin Stably USD is only 7.25 million, and the price fluctuates greatly.

Recent layout of Blockingradigm: ETH and LDO are the largest holdings, and BaaS and infrastructure are the main investment directions.

Although it has shifted to AI, the projects that Blockingradigm is laying out are still noteworthy.

Rumors of introducing cryptocurrency into Grand Theft Auto 6 have been circulating for two years. Why won’t it be integrated with Web3?

As of now, Rockstar Games has not issued an official statement on adding crypto assets to Grand Theft Auto 6, but it has not denied the rumors on the market. Perhaps, only when the game is officially released in 2024 will we know the answer.

Only 2 months since launch, the total TVL reached $333 million. Is zkSync Era becoming a fertile ground for DeFi innovation?

An in-depth analysis of the “fraud incident” of Twitter celebrity Ben, who believes investors are “stupid and wealthy”

This article will delve into Ben.eth’s personality and related token projects, but it should be noted that this article will not provide any value judgments, only share the information currently collected.

Big Talk about NFTs

Data analysis of the current situation of the NFT lending track: Blend grabbed 80% of the market share in its first month, and the three major NFT loans exceeded half the total amount.

What is the current scale of NFT lending? What are the mainstream lending protocols and new players in the market? Which NFTs are more popular with lending funds?

Panoramic study of the NFTFi track (2): Slow is fast, NFTfi drives the next bull market.

From a holistic perspective, the stock market represented by PFP will be subject to the scale of the homogeneous token market, but the incremental market has relative independence and may even exceed the scale of the homogeneous token market. NFT or NFTfi does not lack new narratives, and the growth rate is higher than the overall growth rate of the cryptocurrency market.

NFT × Loyalty: New Applications of NFTs from Xiao Feng’s “Three Generations of Coin Model”

Adoption of the NFT × Loyalty track depends on the deepening of the industry’s understanding of user operations and the refinement of execution.

From “Blue Chips” to “Blue Sorrows”, Reviewing the “Six Sins” of Moonbirds

This article focuses on how Moonbirds went from the highly anticipated next BAYC to a heavily speculated NFT project that repeatedly hit rock bottom in the Web3 world.


Comparative Analysis of Polygon’s Four ZK Solutions: What Are Their Characteristics and Advantages?

Who can break the “four-piece” solution of Polygon?

The Benefits and Challenges of Starknet’s Built-in Functions

This article explains what built-in functions are, their advantages, the challenges involved, and StarkWare’s plans.

Mantle in Detail: BitDAO’s Transformation and Upgrade Road to the Largest Decentralized DAO Organization

With the approval of the merger by BitDAO community members through governance proposal BIP-21, BitDAO announced that it will merge with its supported Ethereum Layer 2 solution Mantle Network. According to its proposal for “branding, token, and token economics optimization,” BitDAO, Mantle, and the BIT ecosystem will be collectively named Mantle. Existing governance and DAO will be referred to as Mantle Governance, and the BIT token will also be converted to Mantle. So how can Mantle stand out from many L2 public chains?

Project Research | Research Report on the First Modular Public Chain Celestia

Celestia has built a public chain that separates the data layer and allows developers to focus on the design above the data layer without having to pay attention to the underlying data records. Many people believe that in the future, modular design data availability layers can not only provide faster implementation solutions for expansion, but also greatly reduce the difficulty for developers to enter Web3.

Important Information

Exclusive: The team behind the offshore renminbi stablecoin CNHC has gone missing and may have been taken away by judicial authorities due to involvement in a case.

BKEX exchange: Suspected of colluding in money laundering with law enforcement, withdrawals will be suspended.

Binance has initiated layoffs, but the proportion is currently unknown.

Bali will crack down on foreign tourists using cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Gate announcement: Everything is operating normally, withdrawals are smooth, and there are no operational or withdrawal issues as rumored.

WeChat search now supports Bitcoin exchange rate query services.

Singapore’s Temasek cuts salaries of employees responsible for FTX investments.

Binance will delist 12 privacy coins including XMR and ZEC in France, Italy, Spain, and Poland.

The Bank of Japan confirms the launch of a CBDC pilot project.

The US Senate has passed a debt ceiling bill, which will be submitted to US President Biden for signature.

Nvidia has released a batch of AI-related products, including custom AI model foundry services for games.

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