Inventory of the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem

Co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep, tweeted that “there is no rule that existing tokens cannot be airdropped on a large scale”, implying that an airdrop may be in the works. Coupled with the recent announcement of Polygon 2.0 plans, Polygon’s TVL is expected to grow rapidly in the short term. Cryptocurrency researcher 100y has summarized recent developments in the Polygon ecosystem and listed the major projects in the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem.

Initially, the Polygon zkEVM network used the existing token MATIC for incentives and ETH for gas fees, with little network activity. This was mainly due to lower expectations for airdrops compared to other networks.

However, recently there has been a surge in activity on the Polygon zkEVM network, due to hints from Polygon co-founder Sandeep about possible airdrops, and Vitalik Buterin’s statement at EDCON2023 that Polygon zkEVM is the only network to reach Phase 1 of the summary milestone. Within less than a month, Polygon zkEVM TVL has increased tenfold from around $2 million to $25 million.

While the ecosystem is developing rapidly, the network is still in its early stages. We can expect the Polygon ecosystem to expand around Polygon zkEVM and related technologies. Recently, there has been a proposal to extend Rocket Pool’s rETH to Polygon zkEVM, and more Dapps and users are expected to join Polygon zkEVM in the future.


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