In the content ecology of PICO and Meta, we can already glimpse the future of the metaverse

In the last sharing, we summarized the hardware parameters comparison between META Quest Pro and PICO4 Pro. From this, it can be seen that the performance of these two devices is indistinguishable in all aspects, and the real winner should still fall in the “software ecology” link.

Today, we will start from this perspective and bring you the second comparative analysis. If you are interested in the previous hardware comparison, you can click the link below:

The hardware specification analysis + comparison of Meta Quest Pro and PICO4 Pro that everyone wants to see most, we have sorted them out


The embarrassed Meta is fighting the backwater

As we all know, Meta, as a giant in the field of Internet social networking, its performance in the first half of 2022 is really worrying: stock prices and market value plummet, layoffs and privacy turmoil have not been completely eliminated, and Zuckerberg’s wealth is also facing a huge risk of shrinking. But even so, the “world’s most powerful post-80s generation” has not given up the dream of the metaverse.

At the 2022 Connect Conference held a few days ago, Xiao Zha said confidently: “The fusion of reality and digital will bring us a new world of applications, and you will see a new world rise up. ” From the outside world, the Quest Pro released this time has largely demonstrated the goal of Meta’s rise against the trend.

However, the realization of the goal also requires strength + confidence, and the latter may be what Xiao Zha and Meta currently lack the most. After all, it’s been a year since the global internet giant changed its name and made a lot of efforts in the VR business, but it didn’t turn out as well. Two months ago, Zuckerberg released a digital version of his Horizon Worlds avatar on his social media and announced his entry into the European market. It is a pity that the roughness of the published content made almost all the media complain wildly. For a time, the “performance” became “existing eyes”.

But in any case, Xiao Zha may have no other way out.


Brief Comment on Meta Software Ecology

When it comes to Meta’s metaverse platform, Horizon Worlds must be mentioned. It is understood that the platform allows users to create interactive virtual avatars in the virtual world, and the monthly active users in February this year exceeded 300,000. Its system app has more than 21 million installs on iOS and Android devices. However, the highly anticipated project has always had glaring flaws, and Meta’s internal staff themselves were not satisfied.

We reported the other day that Vishal Shah, head of Metaverse business, has asked the tech team to fix all serious Horizon Worlds issues by the end of 2022, and issued a scathing critique to all employees:

“Why do so many of us have so little time in Horizon Worlds? Why do our employees dislike a product we’ve worked so hard to develop? If we don’t like it, how dare we expect users to like it?”

From this point of view, although Xiao Zha’s dream is good, it is not so easy to realize it. At least from the perspective of the virtual world, Meta still has a long way to go, and it will never surpass the achievements and reputation of its own software store, Quest Store, in the industry in a short period of time.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, if Metaverse manufacturers want to succeed, they must not only build their own hardware platforms, but also do a good job in the operation of content platforms. Among them, the quality of the software store will fundamentally affect the overall situation. Therefore, we can see that Meta has been optimizing the page layout, functional experience, and strict auditing standards of the Quest Store, and even provides financial support to developers.

According to foreign media reports, the Quest Store only puts on the shelves more than 100 software each year, and the total number is only more than 400 at present. However, in this range, there are as many as 120 models with more than one million dollars, which is enough to show the user’s recognition of the quality of the platform and software. In addition, App Lab, which exists as the Quest Store practice ground, has released 1,400 pieces of content, and the total number of submissions has reached 2,400 pieces, which is already an astronomical number in the industry.

It is worth mentioning that Meta also offers newcomer training camp programs such as Oculus Start or Launch Pad, designed to support new developers to quickly enter the field of VR development.

As we all know, Meta has devoted great efforts to its Horizon platform, and virtual office is one of the most important links. Therefore, at the Connect conference, Xiao Zha publicly announced: Meta has reached a strategic partnership with software giant Microsoft, and the Quest Pro headset device is deeply integrated with Microsoft’s office products and widely used in the field of virtual office.

Specifically, Microsoft’s Microsoft Teams has been fully integrated with Meta’s VR headset, and users can use Teams’ virtual meetings and other functions through the headset. In addition, the well-known office three-piece set – Word, Excel, PowerPoint has basically completed its interaction function with the Meta Quest VR headset.

Next year, there will be more enterprise-level applications for Quest devices, such as billing and multi-device management. From these measures, it is not difficult to see that Meta has regarded software and content as the core selling point of Quest Pro products from the very beginning, and tried to make efforts in the scenarios most commonly used by users, thereby enhancing the use value of the headset device.

Of course, as one of the most “good money” giants in IT, Meta also likes to acquire startups. According to foreign media reports, Meta has currently acquired game development teams such as Twisted Pixel, Armature and Camouflaj, and is trying to create explosive game software for its own headset.

In fact, if we look back at Meta’s series of actions since its name change, we can clearly see Zuckerberg’s development plan for the Quest series, which is to gradually get rid of the shackles of hardware and start to make full efforts in the content and ecological fields. In the face of such a powerful opponent, how will our domestic PICO respond?


PICO ecology focuses on entertainment/fitness

Compared with Meta, we have no doubts about PICO’s understanding of the needs of the Chinese people, especially after the incorporation of ByteDance, its determination to enter the VR industry and build a metaverse platform has become an industry consensus. At present, Byte has fully integrated PICO into its own VR business ecosystem, and both research and development, funding and traffic support are at the top domestic level.

Judging from the current development, it is not difficult to find several ace cards of Byte: Douyin, Toutiao and Xigua Video are gradually moving closer to VR/AR, and the linkage and diversion between them have also achieved initial results. In the second quarter of 2022, we can already see the VR version of Douyin on the PICO software store, which is definitely a surprise for Chinese users. But for overseas users, they will have to wait a little longer to see TikTok in the Meta headset.

However, if it is only supported by the parent company, PICO’s headset is not destined to be completely powerful. Therefore, when we saw the PICO 4 series head-mounted display, we also found that its software ecology has become more and more rich, and even the long-awaited virtual social scene has appeared. Specifically, PICO not only released the latest version of the operating system Pico OS, which greatly optimized the system interface, but also launched a large number of high-quality content in fitness, games, film and television, social and other scenarios.

1. Fitness field

PICO has jointly launched a VR version of the aerobic fighting application with Laimei. Players can record more experience indicators through the mobile tracking kit, and cooperate with Apple to create personal health data through its “health” APP, as well as fitness and entertainment scenarios. In addition, PICO 4 has also joined hands with a number of top sports IPs to bring users a variety of sports applications. Among them, in the fat-burning application “Super Burning Moment” jointly created with the super orangutan, many breakthroughs and reward systems allow sports Fitness has become as fun as punching through levels.

In addition, there are also interesting sports applications covering multiple sports, such as “All-in-One Summer Sports VR”, “Lammy Fight”, “Creed: Glory Arena” and so on. It is worth mentioning that the self-developed CalSense physical fitness algorithm was added through PICO. Users can view the calorie burn in the exercise center, and it also supports exercise data visualization and multi-end data viewing, which helps us understand the fitness effect in real time.

While achieving higher quality exercise and fitness, the newly added functions such as the screenshot button and exercise ranking can also facilitate users to take screenshots/screen recordings more quickly, helping you to record the wonderful moments in the VR world, so that you can PK with friends. Link with.

2. Game field

From the official information, in addition to the fitness games mentioned above, PICO will continue to provide more high-quality immersive entertainment content in the future, including but not limited to shooting, adventure, strategy, ball games, leisure and other types of games, such as ” The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2, Bloody Gang, etc.

It is also understood that PICO has stated at the first overseas market conference that it will launch “Just Dance” jointly launched with the French game giant Ubisoft next year.

3. Film and television field

In fact, many PICO users have already developed the habit of watching movies in VR headsets. We have also reported on the virtual concert created by PICO several times. Both Zheng Jun and Wang Feng’s performances have made many loyal fans hooked. . On this basis, PICO officials also publicly stated that more virtual concerts will be created in the future, and efforts will be made to break through physical limitations and bring the distance between stars and PICO users.

In the film segment, PICO has reached in-depth cooperation with famous Hollywood film companies: Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros. and Disney, and has successively introduced more than 100 Hollywood 3D blockbusters, including but we are familiar with The Marvel Universe, Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Transformers franchises, all PICO 4 users can watch for free as long as they wear a headset.

In addition, PICO has also cooperated with more than 30 VR content companies, and has jointly introduced a number of high-quality VR short films with the industry’s top manufacturer Sandcore Technology. At present, many 6DoF works such as “Jellyfish”, “Paper Crane” and “Sky” have all landed on PICO Video. It is particularly worth mentioning that Liu Cixin, the author of “The Three-Body Problem”, revealed in the interview video that the Three-Body Problem, the copyright owner of the Three-Body Problem, has reached a cooperation with PICO, and will jointly produce the first VR version of the “Three-Body Problem” interactive narrative work, which will be published in the video. Online next year.

Oh yes, if you love football as much as I do in front of the screen, then during the 2022 Qatar World Cup this year, you will also watch the live broadcast brought by the official PICO, and you can also customize your own avatar and invite your friends to play together. Watch and chat.

4. Social scene

In this link, PICO adopted a two-pronged policy of introduction + originality: the industry’s famous virtual social software “Rec Room” is about to land on the PICO store, and its self-developed social platform “PICO Worlds” has also been released. Custom features of more than 80 dimensions create virtual images, and combine with PICO’s newly launched gesture tracking and other technologies to realize interaction in virtual social scenarios.

At the same time, PICO has not forgotten B-end users: the official has launched the Pico business plan, which mainly provides customized business service solutions to help partners develop together.


our opinion

As far as the current domestic and foreign market structure is concerned, Meta and Byte have become the kings of overseas and domestic markets respectively. However, the cumulative sales of 5.9 million units of Meta Quest 2 this year is really impressive, and no manufacturer in the world can reach this level. As another protagonist of this article, PICO’s current domestic shipment is 370,000 units, and its domestic market share exceeds 50%.

Of course, both Meta and PICO (bytes) belong to the Internet giants who have changed their careers in the content field. The two major manufacturers have extremely high content output and operation capabilities. Facebook, instagram, Douyin, TikTok, Toutiao, etc. The streaming platform is not only the best proof of its strength, but also an important cornerstone for building a metaverse platform in the future.

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