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Web3 Wallet Development Guide: The First Step in Bridging Users to Cryptocurrency

Low threshold, personalization, and diversity are the key factors that can help wallet products stand out from the competition.

The modular war of Layer2 begins: OP Stack VS ZK Stack, who will be the ultimate winner?

In this article, we will compare the similarities and differences between these two solutions, their respective advantages and disadvantages, and their use cases. In…

Zuckerberg launches Threads to take on Musk, gains 30 million registered users in 16 hours

Source: Tencent News "Qian Wang" Author: Ji Zhenyu Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg's intimate fight in the "Octagon Cage" is still ongoing.

Apart from the MiCA regulation, what other encryption regulations in Europe are worth paying attention to?

EU policy makers are moving to end the "Wild West" of cryptocurrency and create regulatory blueprints for other jurisdictions. While MiCA is touted as…

Introduction to Creatorfi on the Blue Ocean Track and Inventory of Potential Projects

In the rapidly changing world of blockchain Web3.0, getting the latest and hottest current events has become a daily must-have for many investors. In…

Azuki’s drama, questions about decentralization, and answers from mfers

Why do we, who constantly emphasize the importance of decentralization, believe in such a centralized NFT project? Why do we, who despise centralization, tolerate…

Vitalik answers everything: personal interests, AI technology and RWA, encryption narratives such as Layer2

On Twitter, Vitalik answered a series of questions, including topics such as personal interests, science, AI, and encryption technology.

Consensys Survey: How Do People in Different Countries Perceive Web3? Do They Have Confidence in the Future of Crypto?

Report surveys 15 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, interviewing 15,158 people aged 18 to 65 to form survey results.

Observing the track of repledging: Besides EigenLayer, what other potential projects are there?

ReStaking not only helps users earn profits, but also helps the platform improve its security, especially by promoting growth in other industries and driving…

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