First significant increase in the number of BTC ATMs in 2023, with global distribution revealed

Compiled by: Blockchain Knight

According to the latest data from Coin ATM Radar, the global number of BTC ATMs has significantly increased in the past month, surpassing 35,000 operating machines, reaching a new high.

This is a significant surge, with the specific number being 35,069 ATM machines.

Data also shows that the number of ATMs has been hovering below 34,000 since March, and in April, there were a total of 33,389 BTC ATMs, hitting a new low in nearly two years.

Compared with the data in December 2022, when the number of ATMs exceeded 39,000, it can still be seen that there was a downward trend despite the rise in the price of BTC during that time. Coin ATM Radar’s data shows that in March alone, about 3,600 BTC ATMs were disconnected globally.

However, this situation has been reversed in May. The number of ATMs increased by nearly 1,400 in May, and an additional 278 in the early days of June.

BTC ATMs have become a popular way for users to buy and sell BTC with cash or cards, providing users with a fast and seamless new experience. In addition, these machines usually do not need to know KYC data, making them a more private new alternative to traditional exchanges.

In terms of the distribution of ATMs worldwide, the United States is far ahead , with more than 30,000 ATMs installed in its territory, accounting for more than 85% of the total operating machines. According to Coin ATM Radar’s data, Canada is the only country with more than 1,000 ATMs, with a total of about 2,745.

Europe ranks second, with approximately 1,400 ATMs installed in the region, with Spain leading the list with 286 ATMs. In contrast, the UK has installed a negligible 16 ATMs, despite being a financial center in the region.

Spain leads the Spanish-speaking country list with 285 ATMs, followed closely by El Salvador with 212. Mexico ranks third with 52 ATMs, and Colombia and Puerto Rico rank fourth and fifth with 37 and 32 respectively.

Hong Kong is leading in Asia with 148 ATMs, while Japan, despite having BTC-friendly regulations, has only installed three ATMs.

After adopting BTC as legal tender, El Salvador unsurprisingly leads the Latin American region with 272 ATMs.

Bitcoin ATMs are the least common in Africa, with South Africa being the most ahead with 17 ATMs and regional giant Nigeria only having two ATMs installed within its jurisdiction.

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