Why Cheems is seen as a core asset for the future of zksync?

Although zksync still lags behind Arbitrum, it has seen a significant increase in TVL and activity in recent days. Cheems is a meme coin on zksync that was distributed through a 100% fair airdrop. Christian2022.mid, a partner at NDV, believes that Cheems has the potential to become a core asset on zksync and explains why.

Cheems was launched a month ago during the peak of the meme trend, using a 100% fair airdrop method, which should have enabled numerous studios to profit from its release. However, after the meme craze died down and the market contracted, Cheems also experienced a sharp decline. Nevertheless, unlike other similar projects, it has managed to maintain its basic price and high trading volume, occupying the top spot on zksync. This is not entirely scientific, as it is a pure meme project, but the community fundamentals seem to be solid. Each blockchain ecosystem needs a project that can stand out and take off, such as the success of arb and GMX, which are closely related. Cheems currently holds a good position and has a good relationship with the top projects in the ecosystem, as evidenced by their recent airdrop collaboration with izumi. A conjecture and suggestion is that in the future, Defi and other projects can use its highly popular token as a core asset.

It suddenly occurred to me that the most important thing for a public chain is actually real users. Using memes to attract people seems to be quite effective, and it can encourage the development of other projects in the ecosystem through high market value and topicality. As for memes and gamefi, the narrative space is limitless. I have seen many Defi projects before, but I now feel that the pattern is quite mature and it is difficult to have major innovations. The market consensus can only provide a limited valuation. The bull market and ecosystem still need projects with Ponzi-like attributes to drive them forward. Although they may not have any value to the industry, if viewed purely from a secondary profit perspective, stablecoins, socialfi, and memes are actually more promising.

Reference: https://twitter.com/christianeth/status/1664928535126114305

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