Counting down five noteworthy blockchain projects in AI storytelling: Akash Network, Render Network, Ocean Protocol…

Encryption AI market has always been one of the hottest narratives for 2023, with a current market valuation of approximately $3.15 billion, but most tokens have dropped by more than 60%. How can we find projects that can sustainably benefit from the AI wave? Cryptocurrency researcher Emperor Osmo has listed 5 projects worth paying attention to that utilize the AI narrative.

1) Akash Network: A network that allows users to securely and efficiently buy and sell computing resources, aiming to decentralize the cloud computing market. Reasons for bullish token include the growth of AI increasing demand for GPUs, the new AKT token economics, and the demand for renting and leasing GPU power; 2) Render Network: Seeks to connect users who perform rendering work with users who have idle GPUs, aiming to make GPU rendering more accessible and affordable. More GPU usage means more demand for RNDR; 3) OpenTensor Foundation: Dedicated to building a decentralized network for machine learning models, TAO is used to reward network contributors and grant network access; 4) Ocean Protocol: Aims to create a decentralized data marketplace while injecting AI learning into models. Bullish reasons include Ocean Protocol partnering with RAI to launch the stablecoin H2O collateralized by OCEAN, which will serve as a data exchange medium driving demand for OCEAN tokens; 5) Arweave Ecosystem: Advancements in AI are driving demand for data storage providers such as Arweave and the AR token.


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