IOSG: Vitalik Buterin’s Second Entrepreneurship and Zuzalu’s Ethereum Sociological Experiment

Consensys Global Business Development Director Da-Bing spent a month participating in Vitalik’s sociological experiment Zuzalu and wrote an article expressing his understanding and views on Zuzalu, believing that Zuzalu is very similar to early Ethereum. This article is first published by IOSG.

Compared to a secret conference by the beach, Zuzalu is more like an ancient Greek city. Its key strength is its high concentration of talent. When I arrived at Zuzalu (a fictional name), I registered for the project using ZuBlockings and generated a “passport” with a QR code, which is a zero-knowledge proof identity verification system used to verify residents’ identities. This app was created by a resident of Zuzalu, and the technical solutions for this project were also supported by Zuzalu residents. Students and others in need of financial assistance can apply for subsidies.

From smart contract developers to cryptographers, from security experts to network status advocates, “borderless collaboration” enthusiasts, AI elites, and even Elon Musk’s ex-wife, Grimes – walking around Zuzalu, you have the chance to communicate with the top talent from different industries. The collaborations made in Zuzalu are unparalleled compared to most crypto gatherings. Vitalik played a key role in Zuzalu’s success: he initiated many core projects, invited speakers and participants, and answered community questions at the weekly town hall meetings.

In the media’s description, Zuzalu is a sexless Burning Man for crypto billionaires, or more directly, an endless conference. But to me, Zuzalu is like the early days of Ethereum: raw and uncertain, but full of optimism and excitement for the future. It was intentionally designed to be unfinished. Its existence should expand our imagination and provide a new way of communal living – hopefully, this can become a model of altruism.


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