110th Ethereum All Core Developers Call: CL client considers including EIP 4788 in the Deneb upgrade

The Ethereum core developers held their 110th All Core Developers Meeting (ACDC) conference call this week. The developers discussed and coordinated changes to the Ethereum consensus layer (CL). Danny Ryan mentioned that there are some minor changes to the next Ethereum upgrade specification, called Deneb on the CL side and Cancun on the EL side. The CL client team is considering incorporating EIP 4788 into the Deneb upgrade. In addition, Ethereum Foundation researcher Dankrad Feist shared experimental data on the Ethereum mainnet node’s ability to propagate large amounts of data, testing the network’s ability to handle large blocks. Based on his findings, he suggested increasing the maximum blob count per block from 4 to 6, as specified in EIP 4844. He also suggested re-evaluating the four-second cutoff time for receiving blocks in slots based on the expected amount of data to be sent by Ethereum nodes. Finally, the developers discussed proposed modifications to the Engine API version control to reduce the complexity of future API specifications and testing. The Engine API is a standard set of methods used for communication between CL and EL.

Reference: https://www.galaxy.com/research/insights/ethereum-all-core-developers-consensus-call-110/

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