August Outlook for the Cryptocurrency Market Layer2 and Hot Projects as Catalysts

Author: Sleep in the Rain

GM or GN

August outlook is here.

There will be many events happening in August, but for the sake of simplicity, I will only discuss the events and analysis that I consider to be S-tier in my mind, as well as the corresponding opportunities.

This content will include:

– Basechain

– SHIB Layer2


– Frax v3, RWA, frxETH v2



The launch of Basechain was unexpected. However, due to the conclusion I drew from the previous LianGuaiuly incident – the risks of the Chinese government are increasing, I did not actively participate in the Chinese government on Basechain, and I have also envied the Chinese government players who made a fortune. But in the end, I did not participate.

My expectation for Basechain is still $OP $VELO, and I have bought some and made a few short-term trades. I have made detailed predictions when conducting related transactions, and I will do a detailed review after the $VELO transaction is completed.

It is also worth paying attention to whether there are any opportunities in the early Basechain ecosystem, but so far, there hasn’t been a good enough protocol. Let’s wait and see.


The opportunity for Shib is focused on the launch of Layer2 (the summit is about to be announced, and the developers have mentioned that it will be launched soon). The reaction now is definitely late, as $BONE has already risen a lot, but $LEASH seems to still have potential room. Its current price is similar to my entry price back then. Currently, there is not much in-depth exploration for SHIB Layer2. In the current Layer2 War, Shib Layer2 does not have a clear competitive advantage. It’s often time to retreat before good news lands.


I am closely monitoring the upgrade of $GNS to empower native tokens. Previously, the GNS team would receive 16% of protocol income, but now, in order to promote the growth of $GNS, an additional 1 million tokens will be minted (supply +3.3%) and given to the team. Within a year, the team can only stake $GNS (the team previously owned 1.27M $GNS). In addition, to adjust and compensate for the income of GNS NFT BOT, the team will issue an additional 3.36M $GNS (supply +11%) to incentivize them (6 months linear vesting, immediate redemption with a 25% discount). The rewards for $GNS stakers will also be adjusted from 33% to 61%. This will happen in September. I will continue to track this matter and analyze it from a data perspective (there will be a new article).

Frax Finance

Previously, the founder of Frax said that Frax v3 will be launched within 30 days, which means the product will be launched in August. However, I think v3 may not be able to solve the current revenue problem of Frax. The specific performance will still depend on the launch of the v3 product. If the data performance is average, it may be a good move for $FXS. In the future, Frax will also have frxETH v2 and the implementation of the Fraxchain product, but the most important thing is whether the market will buy it. Going along with the trend and seizing the narrative is what the Frax team is best at, and I am also paying attention to the upcoming RWA strategy that Frax will announce.

BN Launchpool – SEI & CYBER

LTC – The halving event is expected to occur on August 4th.

GMX – Version 2 may be launched in August.

EVMOS – Version 2.0 will go live on August 2nd, with changes to Tokenomics. More specific details are still awaited from the official announcement.

SSV – The mainnet launch date may be revealed today.

SLianGuairtaDEX – $SLianGuaiRTA will be launched on August 3rd. Friends who have seen my alpha call should know that. To get the airdrop, I bought NFT, which also has profits (50%-100%). It’s also a good trade to sell it in advance. However, I choose to take a gamble on the airdrop, which may yield more returns.

Lootbot – The TG BOT dedicated to airdrops will soon launch the LianGuaiid version and features such as $LOOT revenue sharing.

10KTF – There is a possibility of releasing a new NFT collection in August. I will closely monitor this. The reason for not releasing the NFT as expected before may be related to the high opening and low performance of the Azuki new collection. The release of the NFT may consume some $APE. Considering Yuga’s latest actions, I will put $APE on the watchlist.

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