Yuga Labs co-founder’s thoughts on the eve of launching a new game

Author: Garga.eth (Greg Solano), Source: author’s Twitter@CryptoGarga; Compilation: Planet Daily

On June 21, the official Twitter account of Bored Ape Yacht Club released a promotional video about the new game “HV-MTL Forge” and revealed that the game will be officially launched on June 29.

“HV-MTL Forge” is a space building game based on Yuga Labs’ latest mech NFT series HV-MTL. Players who hold HV-MTL can access and participate in the game, build or customize a unique space in the game, and upgrade their HV-MTL to a new form through the game.

On the evening of June 28, the eve of the launch of “HV-MTL Forge”, Garge.eth, co-founder of Yuga Labs, posted a long article on his personal Twitter account, talking about the game, the earlier “Dookey Dash”, and Yuga Labs’ game development planning.

The following is the full text of Garge.eth, translated by Odaily Planet Daily.

Tomorrow “HV-MTL Forge” will be released, and before that, I want to do some in-depth thinking about HV-MTL.

Two years ago, the summer after BAYC was released, GordonGoner.eth (another co-founder of Yuga Labs) and I had an idea to make an old-school arcade game. We originally planned to make the game psychedelic and dark. We were quite excited about it.

Now, although it was never executed, we still hope that some of the original ideas will come true someday. However, even if the initial idea is shelved, some of the design concepts about the game have been with us all the time: for example, a game that is almost impossible to pass; for example, players have only a limited number of game times; and for example, each player will receive a unique NFT character reward based on their position on the final leaderboard.

We hope it will give players a feeling that it can only run on a unique old-school arcade machine, which may be scrapped after a week, so players only have about a week to challenge.

However, if you perform well, you will have the opportunity to get a unique character through the game. This character can be taken out of the game and will serve as proof that you have participated in the game, showing your brilliance in the game (such as rare features that can prove that you have achieved good rankings), and will become the key to your participation in the next limited-time game.

We are very interested in this idea because it presents the potential of NFTs in gaming in a very simple way, such as confirming ownership, verifiable scarcity, and new esports modes.

Most importantly, the idea emphasizes one unique potential of NFTs: a part of it (such as on-chain characters) can continue to exist after the game ends, without disappearing with the game server being closed.

So, how can we better demonstrate this potential of NFTs? Our answer is to connect a new game to a previous one, where players can reuse these characters in the new game. With different designs, players can either pick up where they left off or dive into a whole new experience.

These “mini-games” will eventually evolve into a series of epic experiences, enriched by the emotional investment of players along the journey.

Our earlier game, “Dookey Dash,” was born out of this idea. It was adapted from popular running games like “Temple Run,” and players had to compete in the sewers to be the first to reach the end of the tunnel, where a magic key stuck in a monkey’s butt was waiting for you to pull out.

“Dookey Dash” was only open for a few weeks. In the end, our champion was Mongraal, a professional “Fortnite” player with super-fast reflexes. Mongraal and all other users who participated in “Dookey Dash” received a small mech NFT, our HV-MTL. HV-MTL has eight different types that correspond to different ranking positions.

These HV-MTLs are currently in their Evlo1 form, in other words, they are all still little kids.

“HV-MTL Forge” will be our way of upgrading HV-MTLs from Evlo1 to the next form. In this new game, you don’t need to have super-fast reflexes like in “Dookey Dash,” as “HV-MTL Forge” is designed with creativity, socialization, and fun in mind. You can relax while competing.

At first, “HV-MTL Forge” will be a mix of pet game and casual world-building game, but it will evolve into a dungeon exploration game. Unlike “Dookey Dash,” “HV-MTL Forge” will be open for several months but will eventually close.

I look forward to seeing what you can build in “HV-MTL Forge”. Let’s dive into the space-time rift together.

For those impatient players, Yuga Labs has compiled a game guide (https://hv-mtl.com/forge-game-guide) and FAQ page (https://hv-mtl.com/forge-faq), and will also be releasing some video content before tomorrow’s launch.

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