Exploring the Azuki NFT Elementals minting details

Introduction: Azuki releases new NFT Elementals, with crypto KOL anymose.eth writing a recommendation on the casting details.

Time: Beijing Time on the 28th at 00:00, divided into 3 rounds, each round lasting 10 minutes. From 00:00-00:10, Azuki owners can make purchases. If there are any remaining, from 00:10-00:20, Beanz owners can make purchases. If there are any remaining, a public sale will take place from 00:20-00:30.

Sales: The total sales are 10k (20k in total), with Azuki owners pre-storing 2e and a 100% purchase success rate. Beanz owners pre-store 2e and may wait for a discount. During the public sale, a price reduction auction will take place, starting at 2e and reducing by 0.1e every 5 minutes. Each Azuki owner can forge 1 at 100%, and in extreme cases, the first round may sell out. In reality, Beanz may be able to get some through a Gas War. Is there not much chance for public sales? Based on this calculation, the price should be around 2eth.

Opening: The opening will take place immediately after the public sale ends (at 00:30). However, the sales will be a blind box, with a total of 4 levels already revealed. Therefore, in theory, you will know your level after purchase, and the rest is to open the corresponding level box, with higher levels having more rare properties. However, there is a chance for all levels to open the rarest image, making it a lucky night.

Details: Total sales of 20,000 eth (highly probable), Elementals are a new style of PFP, and Beanz will become the third-level NFT of Azuki (based on price alone). Pledged Azuki cannot participate in pre-sales (requires further confirmation). The time, price, and style are all similar to ether.

Reference: https://twitter.com/anymose96/status/1673136682353451008

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