Viewpoint: The profitability of the full-chain game is insufficient, and blockchain games need to attract more external users.

Co-founder of 7UpDAO, 26×14, discussed the target audience of blockchain games and believes that the profit efficiency of full-chain games is not enough to attract the crypto-native community, and more web2 users need to be onboarded.

The most essential aspect of business logic is to identify the service target and ultimately, the people or group of people from whom to earn profits. The positive impact brought about by Stepn is that it attracts a large number of non-crypto users through its product’s virality, thereby earning profits from users who are onboarding to web2; while the negative implication of Axie is its over-reliance on gold-farming guilds like YGG, which results in a lack of user experience for external product users. Guilds, studios, and crypto-native groups come to the crypto industry to earn money, and they always tend to flow towards places with higher efficiency in earning profits. A gaming product must have its user experience-oriented users, who are willing to pay for the experience, but such users are not part of the crypto community.

What are the issues with fully on-chain games? Its barrier to entry for external web2 users is relatively high, making it difficult for them to onboard. But if we only serve crypto natives, we have to meet their profit-oriented needs. However, there is a problem of internal competition, where updated platforms will always try to create higher profit-oriented products to attract users. Currently, the number of daily active users on the chain is too low, and we need more users to join. The essence of web2.5 is to onboard more web2 users to web3 through various scenes.

Today, there is an ideological split, where we often tend to polarize web2 and web3, but this is not the case. Creating an innovative product that onboards the widest range of users and gradually infiltrates through some value-added gameplay is the right approach. Instead of expecting high conversion rates, we should focus on expanding the entire product’s user base and wait for the common education in the bullish market. If you believe that the trend of crypto is irreversible, and young users’ acceptance of crypto-culture is irreversible, then this is the only correct way to go through scenarios.


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