Conversation with Azuki Community OG: Azuki that is becoming a fandom and a community at a crossroads

<p> Hear what Azuki community OGs have to say about this Fud event.</p><p> This article is a transcript of HODLong’s podcast by Mable, Chief Growth Officer of STEPN and former partner of Multicoin Capital. On June 28th, Azuki NFT’s new series, Azuki Elementals, was released, breaking the community’s defense. In addition to the short 10-minute whitelist Mint window, the project team directly transferred 20,000 ETH after the sale ended. The most discussed issue in the community was the extremely high degree of feature overlap between Elements and Azuki’s first generation. This event has left many early Azuki users disappointed, while many holders still support the project with undiminished enthusiasm, reflecting the crazy fan culture.</p><p> Mable, Chief Revenue Officer of STEPN and former partner of Multicoin Capital, talked to Azuki community OGs Christine Jun and Nomad about the above issues. BlockBeats has compiled the podcast content below.</p><p> <strong> Mable: </strong> Today we have invited two Azuki community OGs, one is Nomad and the other is Christine. Before we start, I’d like to ask both of you to talk about your backgrounds.</p><p> <strong> Jun: </strong> I used to work as a project manager in a relatively large retail company in Silicon Valley, responsible for the whole process of product development, listing, and sales. I came back to China around 2018 and started my own company. I joined Web3 at the end of February 2022, which was also my first contact with the concept of Web3.</p><p> <strong> Nomad: </strong> I had just graduated before entering Web3. I’m a relatively senior NFT player, I’ve been playing NFT since the first wave of NFTs, and I joined the Azuki community on the first day, so I’ve experienced the whole rise and fall process.</p><p> <strong> Mable: </strong> You’ve already drawn such a conclusion from the rise and fall process. Because you two are early community members, I’d like you to describe what Azuki community was like on Day 1, or even earlier, how did you discover Azuki?</p><p> <strong> Nomad: </strong> Actually, the form of the community was completely different from later on when I first held Azuki on the first day, and the concept of the community wasn’t that strong yet. In 2020 and early 2022, many NFT players in China were playing on Weibo, and there weren’t many people playing on Twitter, so the atmosphere of playing NFT in China wasn’t that hot at that time. In fact, we didn’t even know who the team was or which members belonged to the team.</p>

As someone who has also started a business, I don’t think it’s possible for entrepreneurship to be smooth sailing, so I really understand him. Moreover, I think his failure is a necessary step for Web3 innovation. Everyone may have to experience failure to grow, so I am very supportive of Zaga.

At that time, the community was also very divided, and everyone was arguing, and there were many Fud voices. At that time, Nomad and I formed the Red Bean Garden, which is also the Chinese community of Red Bean. Our relationship became closer at that time, and we grew up in this hardship. So my concept of “play” is not about doing white-listing. My concept of “play” is more about having a community where everyone becomes good friends, looking at comics, drawing comics, and chatting about their favorite topics. That’s why I think the atmosphere of the Red Bean Garden was very good later, because it was not a utilitarian organization itself, it was a driven organization based on interest in making friends, and the atmosphere was relatively relaxed. So my goal is to make friends, have a happy life every day, and have a relatively simple starting point.

Mable: This situation may be more common, and many such avatar communities are like this. After the Fud incident you just mentioned, there were more than 10,000 participants in Twitter SBlockingce. Before that, Twitter SBlockingce was not used by so many people. After that, you said that you think there is a concept of more communities. Besides the Chinese community, what other regional communities are more active, do you know?

郡主: In fact, they also have more Holders in the United States, but many of them are ABC or have Asian blood. I have not been to their offline conferences, but I have asked many people in the area. The mainstream is still Asian faces. In Southeast Asia, Japan, and South Korea, there are also a large number of Red Bean holders distributed widely. After Zaga’s incident in May last year, I was actually very angry. Why did everyone judge him like this? So I spent my own time chatting with Red Bean holders from basically all over the world. I have talked to people in Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. I asked the local Holders, do you have an organization there? How do you see this? Do you still like the Red Bean brand?

These are all things I did privately on my own. I chatted with them with great confidence. Actually, as long as he does his work seriously, these noises of external misunderstandings or slanders against Zaga will gradually disappear, so I am very confident. Later, I kept in touch with holders from different regions for a long time, because we all grew up together from that time, so the feelings will be relatively strong.

Mable: Nomad, you started paying attention relatively early. Can you introduce what NFTs are currently in the Azuki ecosystem?

Nomad: Officially, there are mainly three series, one is Azuki’s generation one, the other is the newly released Azuki Elementals, Azuki Bobu, and there is also a series called Beans and Green Beans. Generation one and Azuki Elementals are more focused on avatars. The Beans series is now made into an independent brand, which may be a cute style like Minions or LINE FRIENDS. It is a brand that sinks down.

Mable: My question is, generally, if a project wants to release a series of NFTs following a series of NFTs, they must write some new narratives or place each asset in the entire worldview. What are these additional NFTs doing in the whole worldview?

郡主: I want to ask, what do you mean by “additional NFTs”?

Mable: Like Green Beans, like Azuki Elementals, why issue this?

郡主: This is a very good question, and it is also a very sharp question. If you ask this question in the Azuki community, you may be told that you are FUD because you don’t need to have questions. You just need to listen to the community manager’s slogan.

However, to answer this question in earnest, none of us know, at least I don’t know, what its positioning, meaning, and narrative are. We thought we knew before, but later found out it was wrong. Why say “before”? Because Azuki officially issued an activity during the Chinese New Year this year, which should be to find Yuki. Yuki is a female character, and everyone will think that finding Yuki, the concept of the rabbit hole will play an important role in the narrative of the next generation. So we previously thought that this generation of Elementals would be related to rabbits and Yuki, which are concepts that the official is promoting. But this time, the open graph seems to have no relevance and is also separated from the narrative that was previously laid out. I think this is a confusion for many people, so your question is indeed very sharp, but it is also very pointy, because we don’t know why.

Normad: Christine and I have the exact same opinion. Although the official team has been dropping hints, this time the narrative is completely disjointed, including last year’s essential edition auction, which left a blocking dragon scale and some question marks. There is also a main story to find Yuki, an official character since the opening of the Azuki Discord. In Discord, there is a person controlling Yuki’s Discord account, asking everyone to find him. When you are the first to discover Yuki’s reply under the official Discord, you will have a whitelist, so this is a narrative that runs through the entire Azuki.

From the beginning of this year, there has been a lot of hype about finding Yuki. At this event, everyone thought they could find Yuki, but in fact, no one did. We could only watch a promotional video in which there was a rabbit that everyone was chasing, but where did the rabbit come from, and why do we have to chase it? The whole thing is very disjointed, with no narrative.

Mable: Azuki is still a strong IP and very interesting. I am also working on a project. If you don’t tell the community what it is for, no one will give you money. I think this is not said appropriately and a little envious. Everyone is willing to pay for Azuki, so there must be very strong aspects. As you said before, including its art style and early experience. What community building activities has the team done from the beginning to today? What are the respective activities?

郡主: This question is difficult for me to answer because their activities are all in the United States, and I have not experienced them personally. In Asia, there is an auction event in Hong Kong. I did not attend this event. There was an event in Hong Kong. I have had a meal with the Japanese community offline in Japan, which is the official activity that I currently know of in Asia.

In the United States, there should be two major events, one of which was the airdrop held in Los Angeles on March 18th last year. They held a cool Blockingrty on the scene, and the atmosphere reached its climax. Founder Zaga said, “Check your wallet.” Everyone was happy to find out that they received the airdrop. This was a classic moment.

The second one was in Las Vegas this year. I saw pictures and videos of the event, and the atmosphere was really cool. Everyone was enjoying themselves, enjoying the moment, and enjoying the highlights brought by Azuki. So I think the most amazing offline events in the United States should be these two. In addition, they also held some small events. At a local farmer’s market in Las Vegas, which is a community where everyone brings their favorite things to sell, they showcased some products made with the Beans IP offline. The one that left a deep impression on me was a knife, which was really well made. After seeing it, I really wanted to buy it. There was a little bean printed on the knife, which was very funny, and the expression was really cute.

This is the most impressive offline event of Azuki in my memory. To summarize, they held an auction in Hong Kong, a gathering with Holders in Japan, two huge Blockingrty events in the United States, and a farm market auction of peripheral products made with Azuki. I don’t remember much about the others.

Nomad: There was also a collaboration with a popular rap group in Korea called EPISODE. The group sang at a music festival, and the background board used some promotional pictures of Azuki. There shouldn’t be much else. They should have held three offline events in the United States. One was the empty-headed Beans you just mentioned, and the other was an event like the Japanese summer festival, in the location of New York Fashion Week.

County Princess: The NYC NFT Conference was great. I asked many Chinese people who said that the atmosphere was very good and it felt like they were in Japan.

Mable: I used to have a stereotype that Azuki was very close to the trend culture. I would love to wear their cultural shirts out, and everyone would feel very face. Maybe for many people, including Pudgy Penguins, they are now heading towards making an IP and want to bring these toy entities offline and turn them into a business model. Has this trend appeared in the Azuki community or official statements? Have they said that they want to develop into consumer products in the trend street culture?

County Lord: Well, I think its overall design style, including the music of the website, including all the deliveries before the launch of Tiger Jacket, is biased towards trendy culture and even we guessed whether its next cooperation partner would be Supreme. So this community actually has a very clear positioning and perception of itself.

Mable: Do you think Azuki cares about business cooperation? Actually, it is very difficult to obtain the IP cooperation of Line Friends, especially because the parent company of Line Friends is not willing to have any relationship with public chains or is relatively conservative in the short term. From your feelings, is the official desire to win big IP cooperation strong?

County Lord: I think it is strong. Who doesn’t want to cooperate with big IP for any web3 project? If you can cooperate with big IP, your product and brand will definitely soar. So it is the same for the Red Bean project party. I think they are also very eager to cooperate with big IP. But whether they can cooperate or whether they have the resources and ability to cooperate is a question mark. I later found that there was not much progress in cooperation with Line Friends. After they announced the cooperation, there was no follow-up. At least that’s how I see it.

Mable: Compared with traditional IP cooperation, especially with Japan, it takes a year to start. Can we understand that although we want to cooperate, our efforts are insufficient? I think it is quite amazing that many people actually think that the community of Monkey Community or some other blue-chip communities are not as strong as Azuki’s community. The concept of “strong community” has not been defined very well. What kind of activities do you think the members of the community have organized to make the sense of identity in the community so strong?

County Lord: I think this question should not be asked in this way. We should not ask what kind of activities will make everyone have faith, or what kind of activities will make everyone more united. Later I found that the real answer should be that Azuki initially attracted Holders who were relatively high-quality, and the positioning of the initial crowd and users was relatively good, which made it easier for him to build the community later. If the initial users and positioning are relatively poor, and if they do not recognize this brand, it is difficult to form a very cohesive community no matter how much effort they make later. So I think the core point of this question should return to one point, how to screen out high-quality community members at the beginning, I think this is the reason why the community is very good. Because these Holders of Azuki, if they go to other projects, I believe they are also very good Holders, not because they are fans of Azuki, so they are very good Holders, but because they are very good themselves, and they happen to be fans of Azuki. This is my understanding of this matter.

Nomad: These days have been a process of personal faith collapse for me. I used to think that everyone shouting slogans on Twitter together had a loud voice, and we have done many offline activities together, including more than 20 events organized by Holders and self-organized by the community, which is something that no other Web3 community can compare to.

But in the process of faith collapse, I also rethink what makes a “strong community”? Is it strong purchasing power? I don’t have a good answer myself. But some data can also reflect that the 6,000 plus derivative works I just mentioned have a minimum cost of 0.1 ETH. The cost they may have paid for creating derivative works probably exceeded 1,000 ETH, which is something that cannot be seen in many aspects of the community.

Jianzhu: As for the composition of personnel in the Azuki community, I have participated in many communities myself because I have bought a lot of NFTs. I think the composition of the Azuki community is relatively pure. Why do I say that he is pure? Because the people in here are a group of artists who are very passionate about digital art. Azuki really has many excellent artists, and they can come out and release a series of NFTs without any problems. These artists really like Azuki’s art and pictures, and they will do their secondary creation on it. Therefore, these active and high-quality artists constitute the bottom color of the Azuki community.

Secondly, there are many luxury players in the Azuki community who play watches and bags. They think that Azuki can have permanent commemorative and collection value like watches. So many people do buy it as a luxury item, including myself. I am also a person who likes to buy luxury goods very much, so I did look at it with the mentality of luxury consumption at the beginning.

The third is that there are many high-quality returnees in the Azuki community, many of whom went to very good schools in the United States and had very good education. So I think the bottom color of the Azuki community is composed of artists, luxury goods, and high-quality returnee communities. Therefore, these three types of people gather together and have many common hobbies and topics to talk about. At the same time, everyone is relatively nice, so the bottom color of the community is great. Although I have experienced such a long time, including these recent things that have destroyed the view of three, I still think that the bottom color of the Azuki community is still good, and everyone’s quality is very high.

Before, I thought about it for a long time and divided it into these three categories. Let me talk about Azuki’s fan culture. I think it has a strong fan characteristic. The fan characteristic is that you will maintain a person, treat him as a god, worship him to a high position, endorse his behavior, explain for him, and pay for his products. So Azuki does have a strong fan pedigree and characteristics in it, which is also what makes me feel different from other NFTs. Back to the question, is the Azuki community better than the Ape community? I have never thought so, even when I was doing the Azuki community, I never thought so. In fact, I am also in the Ape community. I think the Ape community is relatively more diversified than Azuki, because the main composition of the Azuki community is Asians, but there are many different backgrounds and user portraits in the Ape community, so the Ape community is actually a more diverse and inclusive community.

I think after experiencing one and a half years of surfing in Web3, the output of the Ape community and what it has done is also great. If someone says that the Azuki community is better than the Ape community, I think this conclusion is relatively hasty, because there are many indicators to judge whether a community is good or not. If we use quantitative indicators to analyze, just like when we do growth, I like to say that quantitative indicators, the content produced every day, the total number of people in the community, or the number of people who use its PFP avatar in the community, these quantitative indicators can all be used as a measure of whether a community is good or not. In fact, the Ape community is excellent in these indicators. The people who use the Ape PFP are the most on Twitter, whether they are true or false, at least their community is diverse enough and their influence and brand power are strong enough.

So I think this conclusion is not very good and a bit provocative. And the reason why I never like to say this myself is because Zaga, the founder of Azuki, likes to say a sentence, We are the strongest community, which is more provocative. So I think everyone will be brainwashed slowly and think that they are the strongest community. But the Ape community is also great, this is the truth.

Mable: I think the user classification theory you just mentioned is quite interesting. The people who play STEPN are very different from those who play Axie Infinity. This has led to many different user behaviors and consumption levels. Regarding Azuki’s art, how did you know that it was outsourced from one of your tweets?

Lady: In my opinion, there is no BD department. Their cooperation on this side of Asia is to have an Asian ambassador named “二月茶” or “fat”. All of us with resources will refer them to him. To give an example, suppose we want to follow up on the cooperation with Red Bull, and then want to do a three-party joint promotion with a certain trading platform at that time. They will first find me, I will do a simple communication to see if this matter is a scam, if there is a problem, and do simple research. After that, I will push the corresponding personnel resources to “二月茶” and explain to him this matter to see if he wants to cooperate, and then I will not participate in the details of their cooperation, such as how much money each party gives or how it is done.

This is the cooperation details with Red Bull, so I understand that they do not have a BD department. In Asia, it is mainly “二月茶” who is responsible for the relevant work, and everyone cooperates with him by sending their own resources to Azuki. I think the community has given Azuki quite a lot. Because I personally think that it is possible, this is my guess, that Line Friends is also a line connected by Korean family members, I have this feeling.

Because Azuki itself is a relatively large brand and symbol in Web 3, Web2 companies also want to cooperate with it, which is a two-way attraction process. It is not that a certain person introduces or works hard to promote this matter, but the team really lacks corresponding departments to do corresponding management, so many times it is done through the community to help.

Mable: Can you make some comparisons based on the experience of the first generation of Azuki, and what Normad just said, besides gas optimization, and then the experience of later Mint Elementals from the facts?

Normad: For the first generation, it was actually a Dutch auction. At that time, it was uncertain how the first generation project was, so I prepared five Ethereum to mint the first generation. It is a wallet that can MINT 5, and then starts a Dutch auction from one ETH, with the price dropping by 0.1 ETH every 5 minutes. I remember chatting with other group members and deciding to participate at around 0.6 ETH. When it was officially on sale, it only took 2 minutes to mint all 8000, and the remaining 2000 were left for the whitelist. But the process of minting 8000 was very smooth, and there were no problems throughout the process, such as front-end crashes or transactions not being sent out. It is different from many previous projects. There were no errors throughout the entire minting process.

Mable: Going back to what he was discussing earlier, you guys weren’t really sure what the Azuki team was up to, but people are still willing to buy it. So, after listening to the details, it’s not that people don’t know anything at all. The official will give everyone an expectation and make everyone have a vague feeling. Maybe it doesn’t have specific things, but it is prepared for something in the future, such as a certain setting in the worldview of the game. Or it will have some relatively vague expectations and presets, and then it may have done a lot of work in this regard. Let everyone believe that this may be something that will have a chance in the future.

Can we actually say that looking back rationally, it is more of a guidance, and everyone may have expectations for this in their own minds, but it is not clear what it can do in the future, and everyone can accept the uncertainty for a period of time. But maybe because of opening the picture, various reasons, everyone may feel that it has nothing to do with the previous publicity. This part is where the faith collapses. Will there be some reasons for this?

Princess: The summary is very appropriate. In addition, because the team has always emphasized that it is a brand animation, they also said that they want to do animation, and they have also invited some experienced people from animation companies to come as consultants. We have a lot of expectations for them to do animation. But after a year, there is no sound or splash, and there is no progress in doing trendy brands, luxury goods, and cultural trends.

So I will feel very puzzled, what are we looking forward to? We used to think that Azuki or this element is new and in line with the story told by the overall project positioning, but now it seems to be disjointed and incoherent. It may indeed be as you said, most of the things are what we may fantasize, or the pictures we weave through the team’s display of some promotional videos, words, and the positioning on the official website. So I think the feeling of disillusionment and the bursting of the bubble is indeed to find that I may just be thinking about it.

Nomad: The slogan that the team has been shouting before is community first, and they brainwash some slogans every day, which is why I have always believed in the delivery of red beans. Including me and Er Yuetan chatted before Mint, he thought that Elementals is even better than OG, including these brand new product experiences, I have been holding them until now, so I believe in the team’s delivery ability. I never thought they would come up with products like this element, which is similar to the first generation.

It’s like diluting a generation, which is very damaging to the interests of the first generation holders. I didn’t expect them to do such a thing, including the poor delivery quality. I can no longer trust the Red Bean team to deliver. My previous belief was that everything they produced was cool.

Before the opening of the map, I actually chatted with my friend from the first day I received it. He told me that he believed the picture was definitely not something we needed to worry about, because although there was no preview picture before the release of this issue, we still chose to believe in the team. This delivery process was very damaging to me. I think I can’t trust such a team anymore, and the delivery quality makes me think that the team’s ability may be just like that, and it may be just a coincidence to design a perfect one.

Mable: When talking about products, it’s actually more about whether the picture is right or not? Because the so-called product experience, I always thought it would require something that can be interacted with and used, but in the context of this, the product experience only refers to this picture.

Nomad: Yes, in fact, the second generation is very thin, there is no narrative, and there is no connection with the previous story. What we get is just a set of pictures made according to the first generation template. I feel very fragmented.

Jiangzhu: I just want to say that I didn’t leave because of the ugly picture. If it is a team that cares very much about its own brand, why would it deliver such a product? If you really value your wings, why would you choose to damage the interests of your community OG at a very high price in the bear market? I can’t figure it out and I can’t get a reasonable explanation. Then in February, Tea told me that the purpose of issuing the second generation was to attract other blue-chip community Holders, including many-month birds, clone people (community), and the price was about 2 ETH. But the minting mechanism chose to let all communities pay for his two Ethereum prices. If you really want to attract users from other communities, you should fight for them. Why did you choose to make everyone mint within 20 minutes, 10 minutes for soybeans and 10 minutes for mung beans?

If you are confident in your product and really want to attract others, why not say that cloning Holder can come to Mint? Azuki’s approach and its statement are contradictory, and the logic is problematic. They want to attract other communities, but only open it to their own community during the Mint, and use a very high price to force everyone to Mint in a very short time.

The second point is, why do I still doubt his intentions? Because he has not released any teaser images. Azuki released teaser images during the first Mint, because if you are very confident that your image is not a problem, I think you can release one or two, so that everyone can see what they are buying on Ethereum, but now they just don’t give any teaser images.

Of course, I think he may want to play mysterious, and I think this can also be explained, but it is a bit far-fetched. When making a product or project, any product will be tested and consumers will be invited to provide feedback before it goes online, including at Internet companies, but there is no testing at Azuki, and it is the same for the big clients. When they see the image, they are also confused. So based on the above two points, I think this time it will make me feel risky, so I choose to opt out.

Mable: In other words, if Azuki still insists on its anime-style approach, because I really do know that making an IP anime takes time, and this kind of big IP may really not be something the team doesn’t want to do. But if he doesn’t go to Mint now, everyone may still be willing to give him time and space to believe in him. But once this thing is done, it’s actually a bit different, because it doesn’t match a lot of what he said before.

郡主: If a team’s original intention changes, it is something that cannot be changed. If it is just a matter of ability, I think it can be changed and saved. If the original intention has deviated, it may be difficult to pull it back, which is my inner judgment, so I decisively cleared it out for this reason.

Mable: I am not someone who is particularly in-depth and communicates with everyone in the NFT community. So sometimes I don’t have a very profound understanding of why everyone is willing to pay for a certain culture, for example. But after chatting today, I think there are still many gains, of course, there are some things that will also surprise me, but I found that some problems may not need an answer at a certain stage of the community, it may need a more extensive and imaginable space, and everyone will be willing to believe that it will move forward.

I think this reflects some of the confusion that may exist in the entire NFT market now. For example, he went to Pudgy Penguins. Interestingly, it was a turning point. The original founder didn’t want to do things well. As a result, someone spent 800 ETH to buy a penguin, and then he started to seriously do something that can be implemented. So I am also looking forward to the development of Azuki in the future. I don’t know if the power of some communities will re-promote it, or it may be another result.

J: I think they did a great job with the penguins, and they started doing offline things. I have always been curious about how they did it, because Azuki has been talking about doing these things, but has not done them.

N: I really studied penguins a little bit. I have talked to many people in the penguin community, because the number of Instagram fans of the penguins seems to have exceeded one million. They don’t say they are NFTs on Ins. They are more funny and easy to spread emojis. The main thing is that the BD network of this new recruit of the penguin core is particularly good. They are doing things that are out of the circle, and they have attracted many fans. Lucas has his own triangle theory, and the penguin IP attracts 1 million people to get to know the penguin emoji and image. In the end, there may be 100 people who come to buy NFTs, which is enough. The main thing is really the way to land on WEB2. They are not relying on the community. The team’s network sense is particularly good, and they have done many out-of-the-circle emojis and other things. It is still playing out of the network effect.

M: There should not be many people in the penguin team. Regarding what you just said about offline, I want to say that it is completely a matter of pure will. The offline thing is as long as you are willing to run, willing to spend time to figure out all the logistics, including production, you can completely do it. To put it bluntly, it is the least troublesome thing, because the hardest thing is to build an IP. Once someone is willing to pay the bill and do this offline thing, everyone will spend a lot of money to pay the bill for you. The question is whether there is a willingness to make this happen.

J: Does the penguin team have more than 20 people?

Nomad: Probably not, they have very few people.

Princess: Then actually there are fewer Azuki people.

Mable: Right. Because his graph is not difficult, there is a Head of Blockingrtnership who is responsible for things like offline cooperation with some IPs in Asia. They also establish official contacts with their offline fans, basically it is these. They actually attach great importance to cooperation that matches their style, a cute and chill lifestyle. But at least they have a clear division of labor. Because the founder of Penguin was not the current team at the beginning, but the team they brought in now is relatively serious and can be felt.

He is thinking about trying to expand his circle, such as with Layerzero. Of course, the Layerzero team also likes them and has done a lot of cross-chain NFT things. Some of these are not very valuable now, but I can explain to you why I want Penguin to cross to other chains.

Princess: Penguin is also focused on branding, but Penguin does do very well. I saw their products at an offline event in Beijing some time ago, and the product quality is quite good.

Nomad: Penguin Toys is the sales leader on Amazon.

Mable: Why did I want to talk earlier, maybe Azuki’s current team really has no intention of doing things. You have been watching for so long and nothing has been explained. Because I think it is normal for people who are willing to spend money on him to want to know what I can do with NFT?

Princess: Yes, this is what we want to ask, we can’t ask, we don’t know. I think another topic to talk about is that the birth of the mung bean is actually because the Fud is relatively serious this time. The official immediately Airdropped everyone a mung bean after this mint. But their Asian ambassador said in the group that the use of mung beans will not be revealed within this year.

Nomad: At least next year, and possibly the year after.

Mable: From the perspective of a project party, it is because they have not thought about it, they just feel that they should draw a pie first and stabilize it first.

郡主:So you know that after many people, including me, listened to it, they were more determined to leave. The green bean thing will indeed affect the mentality of many people because although we are relatively loyal, we are not stupid. So after listening to the announcement, everyone’s mentality collapsed.

Nomad: I sold everything after listening to the green bean announcement.

郡主: There are many points I can think about this matter, because I like penguins very much, and they do things very solidly. I will compare, if you don’t compare, it’s okay. If you compare with the penguins, you will feel that they are a bit slow in doing things.

Mable: The penguin team doesn’t like to blow things like the Consensus Conference. The penguin team, including AMA, rarely does it. They won’t always chat on Twitter. Because we worked with them before, I have a lot of penguins myself, and I asked their Advisor to find them, and I talked to them to know what they are doing. They are contacting these offline consumer brands and want to do this kind of co-branding. This is a more reasonable way to operate projects.

郡主: I still think there is something very strange. Little Red Book welcomes teams like Azuki to do content. Azuki has always emphasized the need to break the circle. What is better than Little Red Book in China to do? For this kind of trendy culture and luxury goods, we were very active in promoting the team to do Little Red Book at that time, but there was no splash. The result is that our Red beans did a Little Red Book account first, and the Little Red Book account did a good amount. In February, Tea told me that they will officially start cooperation with Little Red Book in January 2023, but there was no sound later. I think this matter is also very strange. Think about it carefully. As a project party that wants to do its own brand, the largest flow in China is the trendy brand flow pool. Little Red Book comes over and says that I am willing to help you promote it as long as you come over and post content, but they don’t do it. I don’t think this matter is difficult, because the marketing team of DJ TOOLS, which is responsible for it, is posting Little Red Book every day and is very diligent. It is a foreigner who is in charge, and he does not understand Chinese culture, and he posts every day. I think this foreigner is very simple, persistent and serious, and I will be moved by this kind of spirit. But Azuki has no news of execution and landing.

Mable: Just don’t work. I feel that the US sales team may indeed have some PUA components.

Nomad: Gone with the wind.

Mable: It’s normal to be gone with the wind. Maybe the core point is that people are a bit lazy. They are not very hardworking. In the past, I used to think that it was difficult to cooperate with Azuki and Yuga because they were not easy to please. But later I found out that when Yuga Labs raised money, they would spend money to find a game team to do some work. I thought it was okay, especially their waterway game. I was actually quite addicted to it. Azuki’s approach was originally intended to raise its tone, to make everyone feel that it is a luxury product. This has always been my intuitive feeling, but maybe in the delivery of some real and useful things, they really do not do very well. The time when people are brainwashed by narratives is also limited. You can’t keep making empty promises. There must be something concrete.

County Princess: After the community has gone through rounds of shuffling, the people left are what I think can be said to be fans of the artist. They are diehard fans who have successfully gathered in the community. So in the future, I think that if we release another series, we can price it at 2 Ethereum, or even 3 Ethereum. In a bull market, we can price it at 10 Ethereum. These people will all pay. In my opinion, many of my friends around me no longer look at the fundamentals of something, but instead look at the slogan of the community. Does he post those contents every day? It is reasonable for them to pay for their idols. Because of this, I later figured it out. Because Nomad and I are not the kind of people who chase stars or pay for things, it will lead us to feel inferior about this matter all at once.

But there are indeed friends who come here for the purpose of chasing stars and paying for things. They just want to pay for their favorite stars, which I think is understandable. Because there is a girl who left a message under my Twitter, saying that it is the culture of the fan circle. She just wants to pay for the brand, and I think this is similar to buying a bag, so it can be understood. I don’t think this brand will disappear in the future, because it has already collected the best and highest quality group of consumers who are willing to pay for it, and it has succeeded. So I think he is indeed more successful than the monkey from this perspective, because the holders of the monkey still have to look at the quality of product delivery and whether the game is fun, and they are still very picky.

Mable: So, that’s all for today’s discussion. I feel like we talked about a lot of the core things. We thoroughly discussed how communities are formed.

郡主: Communities are continuously filtered out. It’s like we can’t keep blindly supporting them without paying the bill, and we get filtered out. Yes, we are the OG who got filtered out.

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