Arkham was snapshot on July 8th and ARKM airdrop rewards will be distributed on July 18th.

Cryptocurrency data platform Arkham has launched an airdrop program, which will distribute ARKM tokens to early users as rewards. Users can now redeem points on the invitation page. The airdrop was snapshot on July 8th, and accounts of witch attackers and others attempting to manipulate the system have been marked and are not eligible for the airdrop. The airdrop will go live on July 18th, and can only be claimed by entering an Ethereum address through the Arkham platform.

In addition, Arkham has also announced the official Arkham white paper and Arkham code of conduct. The white paper outlines Arkham’s vision for the future of cryptocurrency intelligence, while the code of conduct serves as a reference for Arkham’s activities related to this vision and ecosystem.


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