Report: Modular L2 Public Chain Eclipse is a Promising Newcomer to Watch

Eclipse is a Rollup solution that allows developers to customize various components based on their preferences, such as execution environments like EVM, SVM, and MoveVM, as well as data availability layers like Celestia, Polygon AvailEigenDA, and others.

Rollups and transaction volume on other execution layers will continue to grow in the coming years, especially as Ethereum and other base layers optimize to provide secure data availability for these execution layers.

Overall, over $2 billion in venture capital has been invested in Rollups and execution layers, with most of it going to early builders like Arbitrum, Optimism, Starkware, and zkSync.

Eclipse raised $15 million in funding last year, including a $6 million pre-seed round led by Polychain Capital and a $9 million seed investment led by Tribe Capital and Tabyia.

Eclipse’s optimistic rollups allow the project to create its own unique application chain, while benefiting from the security of established networks like Cosmos application chains, Polygon, and Ethereum, and utilizing Solana virtual machine (SVM). The SVM serves as the execution environment, with settlement handled by Eclipse and first-layer network consensus and data availability (DA) managed by developers’ choice. Currently, Eclipse offers an Optimistic Rollup solution, but is also working to launch zk-rollups.

Eclipse has released two rollup solutions based on SVM:

Polygon SVM: With this rollup, any Solana-based project can easily deploy to the Polygon network;

Cascade: Cascade, launched by Injective and Eclipse, is an SVM rollup optimized for the IBC ecosystem.

It will allow Solana projects to easily deploy to Cascade and access assets and liquidity from Cosmos application chains. In addition, projects on Injective can now take advantage of Cascade’s parallelized SVM.

All of these solutions are geared toward simplifying the use of Solana VM and expanding its reach. Users from other chains will also be able to “taste” the parallelism experience of Solana without friction, which may lead to more recognition of the advantages of SVM and more projects migrating their dApps to Solana to benefit from its architecture and attract more users.

Ecosystem Overview

These projects span multiple verticals, including DeFi, gaming and social, DePIN, etc.: Injective, Polygon, NEAR, Solana, Celestia, Eigenlayer, etc.

Team Information:

Neel Somani is the founder of Eclipse. Previously, he worked at Airbnb, Two Sigma, and Oasis Labs. Neel Somani graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

Vijay Chetty is the Chief Business Officer of Eclipse. He was previously the Business Development Lead for decentralized exchanges Uniswap and dYdX. Vijay Chetty graduated from Princeton University.

Funding Information:

In August 2022, Eclipse completed a $6 million pre-seed round of funding, with Polychain leading, and Tribe Capital, Galileo, Polygon Ventures, Accel, and others participating.

In September 2022, Eclipse completed a $9 million seed round of funding, with Tribe Capital leading, and Caballeros Capital, Soma Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, CoinList, and others participating.

According to our sources, the valuations of the previous two rounds reached $180 million. The team expects to launch a Series A funding round in October, and if we participate early, there will be a discount on the valuation, so if you are interested in this project, please contact us.


Eclipse can bring value and help dApp developers provide new experiences in three major areas:

1. Bringing better games. Completely on-chain games, truly breaking the boundaries of experience, and new game mechanisms. All of this, except for NFTs, user behavior, and player actions, should be published on the chain, so it is verifiable.

2. Institutional chains with built-in regulatory or privacy features. Many experiments on privacy features are happening on L1 blockchains, many of which can be done at the aggregation layer.

3. Physical infrastructure to solve real-world problems.

If Eclipse’s argument is correct, there will be thousands of aggregations in the next few years. Many infrastructures need to be developed, such as natural gas hedging, better interoperability protocols, indexers, and block explorers. The impact on the entire cryptocurrency is huge.

Eclipse Website:

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