Messari: Ethereum Q2 2023 Analysis Report, Market Share Reaches 18%, Outperforming Bitcoin for Two Consecutive Quarters

Messari has released its Q2 analysis report on Ethereum for the next 23 years. The official Twitter account has summarized the key points of the research report.

$ETH has consolidated its dominant position in the global crypto market cap, reaching 18% by the end of Q2. However, it has outperformed $BTC for the second consecutive quarter. BTC’s technical and regulatory resilience may have propelled this outstanding performance. Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade went live in Q2, reducing staking risks and enabling withdrawals at the consensus layer. May and June saw the highest and second-highest monthly net inflows into staking contracts, respectively.

Compared to alt-L1 on Ethereum, Rollups face cost challenges. The upcoming Dencun upgrade aims to address this issue through EIP-4844 (proto-danksharding). Dencun will also include EIP-1153 and EIP-4788 to enable innovations such as Uniswap V4 and staking pools. 【Original text was in Chinese】


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